Additional load

The term "additional load" is used when shipments are grouped together that are on a similar route. This can extend the delivery time, but the cost of the truck is also divided among several clients.

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CargoLine is one of the three largest general cargo networks in Germany. The network offers standardized and systematized general cargo transports as well as distribution, procurement and contract logistics solutions throughout Germany and Europe.

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Cheap forwarder

If you wanted to find a cheap shipping company for your shipment, you can stop your search now.

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Climate neutral shipping

Through the cooperation with myclimate, you can now send your forwarding goods with a climate-neutral shipping. After entering your shipment data, the greenhouse gas emissions are calculated in the background using a formula suitable for your transport. We then forward 100% of the calculated offset amount to myclimate, which uses the amount for various climate projects.

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Curbside delivery

"Free curb" is the standard delivery in the shipping company. "Curbside" in this context refers to a form of delivery that only covers the route and unloading to the curb, or to the sidewalk of the specified address.

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In order to ship goods to a third country, customs clearance of the goods is often necessary. We will be happy to support you in all aspects of customs and the documents, procedures and potential savings required for this.

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Customs clearance

If you want to ship goods to a third country, customs clearance is necessary in most cases. This means that above a certain value of goods, German and foreign customs require some customs documents.

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Dangerous goods

Hazardous goods are goods that are loaded for transport and may pose a risk to humans, animals or the environment during transport. Basically, dangerous goods include substances that are explosive, gaseous, flammable or combustible, toxic, radioactive or corrosive.

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Delivery notification

A notification or short form notification is the prior announcement of the collection or delivery in the forwarding shipment. This means that the forwarding company makes an appointment with the shipper or consignee. This can be done electronically, by SMS, e-mail or manually by phone.

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Digital forwarder

With a digital freight forwarder like Cargoboard, you can book freight forwarding orders online and ship them quickly and easily. Our digital process handling enables seamless tracking of your freight and a transparent shipping process.

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As a dispatcher, one is particularly active in the areas of logistics and transport. Duties include scheduling and coordinating personnel and vehicles needed for a transport.

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Düsseldorf palett

The Düsseldorf pallet is a pallet that meets all the requirements of industry, transport and trade.
It has a dimension of 80 x 60 centimeters, thus the size of half a Euro pallet. From there, the pallet is also called a half-pallet.

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Encounter traffic

In encounter traffic, two truck drivers meet at a meeting point and exchange their loading units (trailers or swap bodies). Then continue in different directions. Most often, this exchange happens at highway rest areas or on a customer's premises.

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Euro pallet

A Europallet is a standardized wooden pallet from the Europool exchange system. It consists of 11 boards, nine blocks and weighs between 20 and 25 kilograms.

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Export declaration

When exporting goods outside the EU, a formal export declaration must be submitted. The customs office of export must be notified of the export at least 24 hours prior to the start of loading and all required documentation must be received.

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Freight costs calculator

The freight cost calculator allows you to calculate the freight forwarding costs in the fastest way online and then compare the transport options. This way you will directly get a price for your transport costs.

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Freight forwarding

If you want to ship goods with a freight forwarder you are exactly right here.

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FTL (Full Truck Load)

FTL (Full Truck Load) or complete load is a type of transportation offered by Cargoboard. In this case, the fully loaded truck travels to the receiving address without a transshipment.

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Goods damage

Even with the most careful handling and securing of your goods, damage can occasionally occur during transport.

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Groupage freight

In the transport and logistics sector, one speaks of a consolidated load when various consignments or goods are bundled and transported as a consolidated load. You can ship your goods as groupage if you ship a maximum of 6 pallets or a maximum total weight of 3 tons.

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Incoterms stands for International Commercial Terms, which is the German term for international trade terms. These clauses comprise a set of predefined international rules published by the International Chamber of Commerce that specify contract clauses for commercial contracts.

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Just in time

A shipment is called just-in-time if it is delivered just in time to be consumed at the point of processing. This means that all materials are constantly in flow and no storage is needed as they are processed immediately. Companies that operate according to the just-in-time strategy align the entire material flow with the production process.

Lashing straps

Lashing straps are textile lashing materials that are always used to secure loads when it is not possible to produce at least a tight fit that adequately secures the load. Likewise, lashing straps can be used to secure the goods to the pallet.

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Local collection

Local transport is defined as transport that takes place within a radius of 50 km from the transshipment warehouse. For local transport, mostly vans and trucks with a gross vehicle weight of 5 to 12 tons are used. Local traffic often involves delivery and pickup traffic to and from the depot.

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Logistics 4.0

Logisitk 4.0 is the digitalization and automation of the logistics industry with the help of artificial intelligence and algorithms. This means that processes, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, etc. are networked through information and communication technologies.

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One-way pallet

As the name suggests, unlike Euro pallets, disposable pallets are not exchanged and are used only once for the delivery of goods. They are usually made of wood and do not have uniform dimensions.

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Order number

The order number is used to track deliveries. Based on the shipment number, the current location and status of the delivery can be identified or tracked. Thus, every customer can track his shipment and is informed about the respective status of his shipment.

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In general, outsourcing means handing over corporate tasks and structures to external service providers. In logistics, outsourcing is when physical and administrative logistical tasks are passed on to an external service provider. For example, the tasks may come from the field of management, marketing, transportation or information technology.

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Sufficient packaging of your goods is fundamental to avoid damage during transportation.

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Pallet exchange

The pallet exchange takes place, for example, when using Euro pallets. During collection or delivery, the customer hands over the loaded pallets to the truck driver, whereupon he receives empty Euro pallets back in exchange.

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Pallet jack

A pallet jack (also called an ant) can be used to transport pallets and mesh boxes, which is why they are used as standard in the logistics industry. Some of our trucks are equipped with lift trucks and can thus transport your goods from the curb.

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Pallet shipping

Many goods can be shipped on pallets. The transportation of pallets is part of our daily business and is therefore handled easily and quickly.

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Proof of delivery

Proof of delivery is a fundamental document in transportation that proves the proper delivery of a shipment. If any damage is visible on the goods or packaging, this should be documented on the proof of delivery so that any claims for damage can be made.

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Shipping insurance

Insurance should not be underestimated in connection with the shipment of goods. Unfortunately, every now and then damage occurs during transport, which is why insurance is a good idea in any case to avoid unnecessary costs.

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A toll is a charge for the use of roads, such as highways and federal highways. In Germany, tolls are mandatory for trucks with a gross vehicle weight of 7.5 tons or more on all federal autobahns (BAB) and, since July 1, 2018, also on all federal highways.

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Track and Trace

The term track and trace describes a system that can be used to check the status of a delivery. Likewise, the past transport route can be traced. Tracking is often used to track packages. At Cargoboard, for example, you can use it to check where your goods are currently located, when they were picked up and when they are expected to be delivered.

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