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      How does customs clearance work?

      For shipments outside the European Union (EU), there may be additional costs if your goods have to be cleared through customs. To simplify the entire process for you, we take care of all the formalities of import and export customs clearance when you book transport via our platform my.cargoboard . We are also happy to support you with goods shipments around Switzerland or United Kingdom (UK) . Our goal is to make customs clearance as time-saving and simple as possible for you, and thus to ship your goods as cheaply and quickly as possible.


      Our service for your customs clearance

      If they want to export goods outside the EU, different regulations apply depending on the country of origin and destination. Cargoboard will gladly take care of export declarations for export customs clearance and import declarations for import customs clearance.

      Important: Complex customs clearance is not always necessary. If the invoice value of your shipment is less than 1000 € and the weight is less than 1000 kg, you do not need an export declaration. In this case, the shipment must be accompanied by a commercial invoice.

      Exception Great Britain: An export declaration is always required for all shipments in and out of the UK.

      What documents do I need for customs clearance?

      In order for us to provide you with the best possible support in customs clearance, you will need some documents:

      commercial invoice

      • Address of the executor as well as the seller, buyer and recipient
        Description of goods with
      • Goods/customs tariff number
      • Number of packages (cartons, pallets, etc.)
      • Weight specification
      • delivery terms DAP
      • Country of origin of the goods

      Export declaration

      • Packing list (net/gross weight and number of packages)
      • EORI number

      What is an EORI number?

      The EORI number poses questions for many of our customers. In principle, it can be said that all companies that want to import into the EU or export from the EU need an EORI number. Even without EORI number you can book Cargoboard your import or export. To do this, apply for the EORI number at customs and simply attach your application for the provision of an EORI number to the end of your booking.

      After completing the booking process with Cargoboard, you will receive an email from us regarding the customs authorization so that we can take care of further communication with customs on your behalf. As well as a template for a customs compliant commercial invoice.

      What is a presentation or customs inspection?

      In the case of a presentation, consignments of goods subject to customs duty are reported to the competent customs authority. Customs then has the option of inspecting the goods as a result of a customs inspection, or releasing the goods after reviewing the export documents.

      Especially important for you is the correct specification of the sender address. The shipper’s address is used by customs as a location for a possible customs inspection.

      After export declaration, Customs has 24-48 hours to inspect your shipment of goods. Only then can the removal of their goods take place.

      Important: A customs inspection is a normal procedure in customs clearance and no cause for concern. Most often, a customs inspection takes place as a result of a random inspection.

      Your advantages with Cargoboard

      When you choose Cargoboard as your freight forwarder for customs clearance, you benefit from our expertise in shipping and logistics services as well as excellent all-round service. We rely on strong partners and forwarding networks such as Cargoline.

      Simple and error-free customs declaration

      If you make your customs declaration via Cargoboard, you save time and money.

      Personal contact:inside

      Cargoboard provides you with transparency at all times and answers your questions for the entire transport.

      Fast processing

      Thanks to clever algorithms, you receive offers in real time on our platform and can process orders in just a few minutes.

      Efficient transports

      Save time and money with automated processes and access to one of the largest, international freight forwarding networks.

      Incoterm DAP - Delivered At Place

      We as Cargoboard offer you the Incoterm DAP. Incoterms stands for International Commercial Terms. These clauses comprise a set of predefined international rules published by the International Chamber of Commerce that establish contract clauses for international trade agreements.

      DAP - Delivered at Place / Delivered to named place

      In case of DAP, the seller bears the costs and risks of transporting the goods to an agreed address. As soon as the goods arrive there and are released for unloading, the possible risks are transferred to the buyer.

      In addition, we offer you the possibility to take over the import customs clearance for the buyer or recipient when sending your goods outside the European Union.

      For this you can select in our booking process DAP cleared to pay the import customs clearance of 40 € for the recipient of your shipment.
      If you choose DAP uncleared, the recipient will take care of import customs clearance as well as VAT and customs duties.

      Customs duties and taxes are levied in the countries of destination and therefore cannot be determined in advance. These import formalities are handled by our customs team in the respective country and discussed with the respective importer and consignee.

      Incoterms specify:

      • Who bears the costs and responsibility for the individual components of international transport?
      • Where is the transfer of risk? Who is responsible for the goods and when?
      • Where does the seller deliver?
        Who covers the insurance? Who pays for the insurance?
      • Who takes care of customs clearance / export declaration?
      • Who has to create or provide which document?

      For export and import to Great Britain and Switzerland we offer you further consulting possibilities.

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