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      We offer our services exclusively for commercial customers, public authorities and companies. Transports on behalf of private individuals are completely excluded.

      Delivery to Amazon logistics centers (FBA)

      Anyone using Amazon Marketplace as a sales platform must first transport their goods to the Amazon warehouse. Various packaging guidelines must be taken into account here.

      Amazon delivery can therefore be associated with a high logistical effort. Are you looking for a reliable freight forwarder to deliver your goods to an Amazon logistics center or warehouse?

      At Cargoboard, you benefit from our easy-to-use platform, our nationwide transport network and our first-class service.


      What does Amazon FBA actually mean?

      FBA stands for “Fulfillment by Amazon”. This refers to Amazon’s logistics and fulfillment service. Other terms for Amazon FBA in Germany are “Abwicklung durch Amazon” or “Verkauf und Versand durch Amazon”.

      Amazon FBA wird jedoch nur gewährleistet, wenn eine reibungslose Anlieferung seitens der Händler:innen stattfindet. Bei dieser Dienstleistung kümmert sich der Versandriese um die Lagerung und Auslieferung der auf dem Marktplatz präsentierten Waren. 

      Other services include:

      • Monitoring of the stock in the warehouse
      • Labeling of the goods
      • Packaging and shipping preparation
      • Shipment Tracking
      • Order tracking
      • Returns processing
      • Improved customer reach
      • Increase visibility
      • Customer Service

      Broadly speaking, this means: You as the seller:in take care of the Amazon delivery (for example, through a freight forwarder like Cargoboard) and the shipping giant does the rest for you.


      How to send the goods to Amazon?

      As a merchant:in, the route of the goods to the Amazon logistics center is left up to you, as Amazon does not provide this service. To deliver to warehouses and use Amazon FBA, you need a reliable shipping company. We will gladly take over the transport order for your Amazon delivery.

      Amazon's requirements for FBA logistics

      The mail order company sets strict guidelines regarding FBA delivery, which retailers must strictly adhere to, otherwise they will be subject to sanctions. In the worst case your goods will not be accepted.

      You can prevent this by adhering to the specifications for cardboard packaging, weight and packaging. Cargoboard is aware of these policies, which is why we guarantee a smooth Amazon delivery.

      These are some of the requirements you need to look out for with Amazon FBA delivery:

      • Six-sided cartons (intact flaps, at least two inches thick material).
      • For example, ECT-32 cartons, 200-pound cartons, or even folding cartons are permitted.
      • Carton length of 25 inches maximum per side
      • Maximum weight of the box of 25 kg (if the product is heavier, appropriate labels on the sides are mandatory).
      • Maximum one address label
      • Plate ID label on all sides (top area, center).
      • Carton ID Label
      • scannable barcode
      • Carton contents information
      • further specificationsyou will find here

      Since Cargoboard is very experienced in dealing with Amazon FBA shipments, we are happy to support you as a freight forwarder. This way you can fully concentrate on your actual business and meanwhile we deliver to the FBA center for you.

      Supplying Amazon logistics centers for FBA with Cargoboard

      A reliable freight forwarder is central to the question of Amazon delivery in order to meet the requirements of the customer. Cargoboard is available to you as a digital freight forwarder for booking the transports around the clock. In addition to our fast order processing, we offer efficient, reliable and transparent shipping.

      In doing so, we cover a broad spectrum:

      The transport to the FBA logistics center is carried out for larger quantities via a pallet delivery by our freight forwarder to Amazon.  You can calculate the pallet delivery in advance using our shipping calculator , so you know in advance what costs you will incur. Our employees will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

      In order to make your Amazon delivery, we need your FBA number, PO number, and 4 digit location code and merchant name. Furthermore, we need precise information about the number of pallets, number of cartons and type of packing material. (Euro pallets or similar) Of course, we also take care of the time slot booking as well as the shipping schedule for you.

      So just take a look at our online platform and you will get a price for your goods transport without obligation. We will also be happy to advise you on the packaging material.

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