Our network

To achieve our goal of becoming the largest general cargo forwarder in Europe, we need a strong transport network with strong partners. Together with our network, we want not only to offer our customers the best possible service, but also to live up to our responsibility to the climate and society and play a formative role.


Our transport network

Since our founding, we have been working closely with the forwarding companies of the CargoLine network to get our shipments to their destinations reliably and efficiently throughout Europe.

When working with our transport network, Cargoboard remains the primary forwarder and is thus responsible for order planning, service, invoicing and insurance issues. This means that our customers receive everything from a single source.


With myclimate, we have found an organization that helps us achieve our sustainability goals.

Through myclimate, we are able to offer a CO₂ offset directly in the booking process. In this way, we enable our customers to reduce the CO₂ emissions of their shipments without any major additional expense.

Together with myclimate, we support various carbon offset projects. In this way, we counteract the deforestation of the rainforest on the Solomon Islands, provide clean drinking water at Uganda’s schools and protect the Tanzanian rainforest.

You can find out more about our collaboration with myclimate and our other sustainability efforts on our sustainability page.


We have a very special history with garage33. Without the garage33 we would not exist at all. In a corporate workshop at garage33, our four founders developed a digital business model for the logistics industry of the future. The workshop’s cooperation partner, CargoLine, was so enthusiastic about the results that implementation began soon after.

We are very grateful to garage33 and try to keep our start-up spirit. The close proximity to garage33 helps, as do regular visits and meetings, so that we can continue to exchange ideas with other founders and support each other.