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      Cargoboard is your first point of contact for commercial general cargo shipments within Germany and throughout Europe.
      We distinguish ourselves through our digital expertise, our nationwide transport network and our individual as well as professional customer support. Via our platform my.cargoboard you can calculate your individual and daily updated prices for general cargo transport in just a few clicks and book it directly online afterwards.

      Every day we ship many pallets & packages to customers all over Europe and Switzerland. Cargoboard makes the process much easier. The processing is fast and uncomplicated. Professional help is provided for questions and problems. We are looking forward to further cooperation.

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      Immediate price information with subsequent online booking in just four steps

      Experienced Dispo team

      Experienced Dispo team as central contract and contact person for your general cargo shipment

      Europe-wide network

      Area-wide and Europe-wide transport network with fixed & established routes

      Inexpensive transport variant

      Optimal mode of transport for smaller shipment quantities that are not so urgent in terms of time

      Transparent shipment tracking

      Track & Trace from pickup to transport handling to delivery

      Optional climate neutral shipping

      If desired, compensation for the greenhouse gases produced during transport

      What exactly does general cargo mean?

      In contrast to partial and full loads, transports in which individual pieces are shipped are referred to as general cargo transports. Shipments declared as general cargo are, according to the most common definition, lighter than 3,000 kg and smaller than 6 pallet spaces (2.4 loading meters). A distinction is made between the following general cargoes:

      • Colli: The colli is the smallest unit of a shipment
      • Piece: A piece is several packages that are shipped together as one shipment unit (e.g. a loaded pallet).
      • Groupage: Groupage is a collection of the same or different pieces to make the best use of the space of a means of transport.

      Delivery times and shipping options for general cargo shipping

      At Cargoboard you have the option to choose between three different shipping options, which differ among other things in characteristics such as delivery time.


      • Cheapest shipping method
      • National delivery time Germany usually 1 – 2 working days
      • 24/7 tracking


      • Prioritized loading and delivery
      • National delivery time Germany usually 1 working day
      • 24/7 tracking

      Exact delivery date

      • Delivery at the desired date
      • 24/7 tracking

      Delivery option desired date

      This delivery option allows you to ship your general cargo shipment at a later date of your choice. What does that mean in concrete terms?

      • Collection on the next working day or on the desired day
      • Prioritized delivery on the desired date
      • Free storage of goods for a maximum of four working days (then 5€ per pallet space and per working day)
      • Minimum terms as for the Standard delivery option

      Delivery times for Europe-wide general cargo shipments can be viewed on our platform after entering the loading and unloading point in the second step.

      Prices for general cargo shipment

      Prices for general cargo transportation are highly dependent on the choice of the transport product and the route to be taken. You can see a daily updated and individual price in real time after entering the loading and unloading point on our platform.

      The right packaging for your general cargo shipment

      After the goods are ready for general cargo transportation, the question of suitable packaging arises, for which you as the shipper are responsible. For this, it is first important that you decide on a suitable packaging material. At this point, we recommend a one-way or Euro pallet unless you have goods that are shipped in a mesh box, flight case, IBC container or bicycle box. Regardless of the selection, shipments weighing 30 kg or more must be able to be moved under with a lift truck. After selecting the packaging material, the next step is to pack and fix the goods on it correctly. For this purpose, we recommend the following packaging materials:

      • Cardboard
      • bubble wrap
      • Adhesive tape
      • Tension belts
      • Edge protection

      Shipping without transport-safe packaging is not recommended for general cargo shipments, as the risk of your goods being damaged during transhipment is very high. For more in-depth recommendations, we would like to draw your attention at this point to our packaging tips, in which we have intensively prepared the topic of packaging for you.

      A safe shipment of your general cargo

      A common misconception is that general cargo is automatically insured. If you wish to insure your general cargo, you have the option to take out such insurance through us during the ordering process. Especially for a valuable cargo such insurance is worthwhile.

      For more detailed information we would like to draw your attention to our transport insurance!

      General cargo transport: also international

      With Cargoboard you have a partner with whom you can also realize Europe-wide general cargo transports. Through our comprehensive logistics network, we are able to realize your general cargo shipment within a few working days.

      With Cargoboard you can ship to all European countries. Feel free to check out our connections and benefit from our Europe-wide network and expertise in this field. The most popular pan-European connections include the following destinations:

      Spedition von & nach Dänemark
      International Transports

      Forwarding from and to Denmark

      Spedition von & nach England
      International Transports

      Forwarding from and to Great Britain

      Spedition von & nach Frankreich
      International shipping

      Forwarding from and to France

      Frequently asked questions about general cargo transportation

      When will the driver come for the pickup?

      As a rule, when transporting general cargo, the drivers come in the afternoon and pick up the shipments. However, the loading point should be manned in the period 08:00 - 16:00, as it may be that due to route advantages shipments are also picked up in the morning.

      How do I pack my general cargo shipment correctly and where do I get the material for it?

      From a weight of 30 kg. your shipment must necessarily be transported on a one-way or Euro pallet. Furthermore, we recommend professional fixing and packing of the shipment on this pallet. For this purpose, we recommend at this point once again our packaging tips.

      How are shipments loaded and unloaded during general cargo transportation?

      In general cargo transport, shipments are loaded and unloaded using a lifting platform and a lift truck, each of which has a load capacity of up to 1,000 kg. In this case, the shipment is delivered to the curb.

      How should I prepare my shipment for shipping?

      In order to prepare your general cargo shipment for general cargo shipping we recommend on the one hand a transport-safe packaging. On the other hand, we recommend you to mark the goods by attaching our shipping label, which we have sent you by mail after booking. Experience shows that it makes sense to attach the label to the shipment several times to increase visibility.