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Our cooperation with the climate protection organization myclimate

      Wir bieten unsere Dienstleistung ausschließlich für Gewerbekund:innen, Behörden und Unternehmen an. Ein Transport im Auftrag von Privatpersonen ist komplett ausgeschlossen.

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      What does climate protection contribution mean?

      With the climate protection contribution, we offer our customers the opportunity to counter the CO₂ pollution of their transports.

      The climate protection contribution is calculated as follows:

      CO2 Investition nachhaltigkeit 1
      Together with myclimate, we calculate the CO₂ impact caused by the transport of your goods.
      CO2 Investition nachhaltigkeit 2
      We determine the required investment for our current climate protection project to counter the CO₂ impact of your transport.

      The climate protection contribution is only the first step in the reduction of negative effects of logistics on our planet.


      The cooperation with myclimate Germany

      The non-profit foundation myclimate is an internationally active organization that was founded in 2006. The goal of myclimate is to promote climate protection through its own projects as well as consulting and educational services. To finance these projects, myclimate has developed a CO₂ emissions calculator. It can be used to calculate the investment required to counter any CO₂ pollution that arises.

      Myclimate supports and initiates many carbon offset projects, including the project “turning waste into biogas for small farmers in Vietnam”, which Cargoboard is currently supporting.

      Counter the CO2 pollution of your transports with the climate protection contribution .

      Significance and function of the climate protection contribution

      When choosing the climate protection contribution, the greenhouse gas emissions generated during transport are countered by supporting climate projects and expanding a sustainable energy supply.

      Why should I use the climate protection contribution?

      Logistics is a dirty business. Unfortunately, we are currently still very dependent on diesel trucks. There is no completely satisfactory solution for a transport that is pending here and now. However, since we and our customers do not want to wait for the perfect solution, we offer the opportunity to invest in climate protection projects.

      Together with myclimate, we calculate the CO₂ impact caused by your Cargoboard transport and offer you the opportunity to counter the CO₂ impact with just one click.

      Investing in climate protection projects does not make transports cleaner or prevent CO₂ emissions. The logistics industry as a whole is not yet far enough. The electrification of truck fleets or a nationwide infrastructure for hydrogen are still future topics. We believe that investing in climate protection projects is the best choice to counter the CO₂ impact of a transport as much as possible here and now.

      How much does the climate protection contribution cost me?

      How much you have to invest in a climate protection project to counter the CO₂ impact of your transport depends largely on the dimensions and weight of your goods and the route taken.

      For example, if you send a Euro pallet with a unit weight of 100 kg from Hamburg to Munich, the amount is only 0.30 €. Another example is the shipment of two Euro pallets with a unit weight of 200 kg each on the route Paris – Berlin. The investment amount is also rather small, with only 1.57 €.

      Why don't we offer climate-neutral shipping?

      We have offered our customers the option of climate-neutral shipping until spring 2023. The resolutions and amendments of the Paris Climate Agreement and the Climate Change Conference in Glasgow have ensured that we are no longer 100% comfortable with the terms climate neutrality and CO₂ compensation.

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