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How can I report transport damage to Cargoboard?

Even with the most careful handling and securing of your goods, damage can occasionally occur during transport.

If damage has occurred to a shipment that was sent via Cargoboard, we will be happy to help you. Simply click on the Damage Form button and be redirected to our Solution Center. Here you can enter your email and the corresponding shipment number and select Damage report below. We will get back to you as soon as possible after that and help you settle your claim.

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How can I report a claim as quickly as possible?

In order to process a claim as quickly as possible, please use our claim form. Here you can specify the amount of damage, the date of damage and the weight of damage, as well as a detailed description of the damage.

In the further course of the process we will additionally ask you to send a damage invoice, commercial invoice and pictures of the damaged goods and packaging.

Damage amount

The amount of damage is the amount of value that you have lost in real terms as a result of the damage to the goods. Therefore, the value of the damage cannot be higher than the value of the goods on the commercial invoice. The amount of damage is stated on a damage invoice in net. If you file a damage claim with Cargoboard, we will send you a template for the damage invoice.

Damage date

The damage date is the date on which damage is detected. Damage is usually detected by the consignee or noted by the carrier during transport. If damage is noted during transport, the date of damage can be found on the receipt from the driver or in the shipment history.

Damage weight

The damage weight indicates the weight of the damaged goods. If your shipment consists of one item or object, enter the total weight. If your goods shipment is composed of easily assembled individual parts, indicate the weight of the damaged individual parts. For example, if 10 buckets of paint are transported on a pallet and 1 bucket is damaged, the weight of the broken bucket when full must be specified.

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We are available to you as a contractual partner at any time to carry out a quick and successful settlement with the insurance company and the party responsible.

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Frequently asked questions

Who can file a claim with Cargoboard?

Based on the existing contractual relationship, only our client may report damage to us and assert claims for damages. If you are a consignee:in a shipment from Cargoboard and you notice damage, you must contact the shipper so that they can file a claim with us.

What are the deadlines for reporting damage?

In the case of insured transports, open damage that can be seen from the outside during delivery must be noted immediately on the driver's delivery receipt. Concealed damage, on the other hand, must be reported to Cargoboard immediately upon discovery of the damage and within seven days of delivery.

How long does claims processing take?

The duration of claims processing cannot be generalized and depends on the complexity of the case. Additional transport insurance speeds up and facilitates this process.

Do I need insurance in the forwarding shipment?

There are no standard insurance policies for freight forwarders. Additional transport insurance can be added when booking the order and facilitates especially settlement of possible damages. By default, Cargoboard is liable according to the "German Freight Forwarders' Standard Terms and Conditions" (ADSp 2017).

What should be considered when shipping the goods to simplify damage reporting?

Important precautions can be taken during shipping to prevent damage. Take photos of the packaged goods before shipment so that it can be verified that the goods were securely packaged. To protect yourself in the best possible way, book transport insurance when booking your order. Make sure your customer knows to inspect the merchandise for damage upon receipt. If damage is found, it must be noted in writing on the driver's delivery receipt.

I can't find what I'm looking for. Who can I contact?

You have not found what you were looking for? If you have any unanswered questions, you can also reach us by phone, via live chat (bottom right) and by mail.