Fast & reliable: Direct Loads with exclusive vehicle booking
Large selection of vehicles from a curtain-side van to a 40 t semitrailer

      We offer our services exclusively for commercial customers, public authorities and companies. Transports on behalf of private individuals are completely excluded.

      Handling Direct Loads with the digital freight forwarder Cargoboard

      Direct Loads with a freight forwarder like Cargoboard are the best solution for fast and reliable transports! With our wide vehicle network ranging from curtain-side vans to 40 tons semitrailers we ship your goods directly from the pickup location to the delivery location, without detours.

      Our Direct Loads are ideal for urgent, sensitive, bulky or even unpackaged goods that require safe and direct transportation.

      However, Direct Loads are also an excellent choice for palletized goods and valuable goods, as they are transported on the direct route to the destination, making them very reliable and safe.

      Choose a Direct Load and experience the premium product among our methods of shipping!


      Direct Loads with Cargoboard - Simple, reliable and fast

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      Direct Loads are playing an increasingly important role at Cargoboard, which is why we have positioned ourselves much more broadly in this area.

      Our goal? An even simpler booking process and an expanded transport network for you as a customer.

      Sebastian Fockel – Teamlead Direct Loads at Cargoboard discusses the expansion of this area, the advantages of the shipping method and the steps of the booking process.

      The correct vehicle for every Direct Load from our extensive vehicle pool

      We offer a wide range of vehicles to cover any transport needs – from the smaller curtain-side van to the large 40 ton semitrailer.

      If you book one of the vehicles, the entire loading area is available for your transport.

      There are several methods of loading and unloading available for all types of vehicles.

      1. Loading and unloading via loading ramp by shipper or consignee
      2. Loading and unloading from the side by shipper or consignee
      3. Loading and unloading from above by shipper or consignee
      4. Loading and unloading with tail lift and pallet jack by the truck drivers
      Maximales Zuladegewicht Planensprinter Cargoboard 1

      Curtain-side van dimensions

      • 400 x 200 x 200 cm loading area
      • Space for up to 8 Euro pallets
      • For loading & unloading by pallet jack/tail lift max. 800 kg load weight
      • Max. load capacity tail lift: 650 kg per package

      Curtain-side van XXL dimensions

      • 480 x 220 x 250 cm loading area
      • Space for up to 10 Euro pallets
      • For loading & unloading by pallet jack/tail lift max. 800 kg load weight
      • Max. load capacity tail lift: 650 kg per package
      Maximales Zuladegewicht Planensprinter XXL Cargoboard 1
      Maximales_Zuladegewicht LKW 7,5 Tonnen bei Cargoboard

      Truck 7.5 tons dimensions

      • 610 x 240 x 245 cm loading area
      • Space for up to 15 Euro pallets
      • For loading & unloading by pallet jack/tail lift max. 2.100 kg load weight
      • Max. load capacity tail lift: 1.000 kg per package

      Truck 12 tons dimensions

      • 720 x 240 x 245 cm loading area
      • Space for up to 18 Euro pallets
      • For loading & unloading by pallet jack/tail lift max. 4.500 kg load weight
      • Max. Load capacity tail lift: 1.000 kg per package
      Maximales_Zuladegewicht LKW 12 Tonnen bei Cargoboard
      Maximales_Zuladegewicht LKW 40 Tonnen bei Cargoboard

      Semitrailer 40 tons dimensions

      • 1.360 x 240 x 260 cm loading area
      • Space for up to 34 Euro pallets
      • For loading & unloading by pallet jack/tail lift max. 22.000 kg load weight
      • Max. load capacity tail lift: 1.000 kg per package

      What you should pay attention to when choosing a vehicle

      When booking the vehicle, it is important that access to the collection and delivery location is guaranteed for the selected vehicle and that appropriate parking is available.

      To ensure a smooth process, the responsibilities for loading and unloading must be clarified in advance.

      Information on the various forms of loading and unloading and the corresponding responsibilities can be found above the list of available vehicles.

      Testimonial 1

      What our customers say

      We immediately sensed the enthusiasm for forwarding processes at Cargoboard – it has remained unbroken to this day. It is proven by the reliability and communication during our daily cooperation. Cargoboard has therefore become a professional partner to whom we, as an e-commerce retailer, gladly entrust our shipments. And thanks to the precise tracking, not only we, but also our customers know where the shipment is at any time.

      Patrick Meyer


      Book a Direct Load with Cargoboard as your freight forwarder and benefit from the advantages!

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      Various types of vehicles

      Curtain-side van, curtain-side van XXL, truck 7.5 t, 12 t or 40 t – We have the right vehicle for you

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      Transit time & safety

      Fastest transit time with the highest appointment security and a selectable pick-up & delivery day

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      Well-rehearsed & experienced dispo team

      Well-coordinated disposition team as contract and contact partner with a direct connection to the truck drivers

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      Quick online booking

      Immediate price offer with subsequent online booking in just four steps

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      Loading and unloading times

      Each Direct Load includes a two-hour window for loading and unloading

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      Europe-wide network

      Comprehensive and Europe-wide transport network with fixed & established shipping routes

      Found what you are looking for?

      Ship Direct Loads quickly and inexpensively with Cargoboard!

      Transit times for Direct Loads with Cargoboard as your freight forwarder

      The exact transit time depends heavily on the route taken and is determined during the booking process.

      If you place your booking on our platform by noon on a business day, we can ensure collection on the next business day.

      Transports with a distance of up to 200 km are usually possible as a same-day delivery. In most cases, the delivery takes place from one business day to the next. Transit times for longer distances can be viewed after entering the collection and delivery location on our platform.

      Individual arrangements are possible in cooperation with our experienced disposition team.

      Prices for Direct Loads with the freight forwarder Cargoboard

      Prices for Direct Loads depend on the covered route, the selected vehicle and the desired transport product. We offer flexible pricing based on your individual needs.

      Packaging & securing the shipped goods during a Direct Load

      Packaging and securing your goods is highly important for safe transportation. Therefore, it is essential that your goods are packaged securely for transportation to avoid damage during transport.

      When loading the vehicle, transport safety should not be neglected. Drivers and loaders are responsible for the process.

      Frequently asked questions about Direct Loads with Cargoboard

      What is the difference between the shipping methods Groupage Freight & Direct Loads?

      The main difference is that in case of a Direct Load, the shipped goods are transported directly to their destination without transshipment. When choosing groupage freight, on the other hand, goods are collected in a certain region, bundled at a central location, transshipped and transported to the region of destination. After arrival in the region of destination, the goods are transshipped again and transported to the final delivery location.

      Are special trips with same-day pickup possible?

      Special trips with same-day pickup are available upon request. Please send your request to including loading and unloading point, exact dimensions and weight of the shipment.

      I cannot find what I am looking for. Who can I contact?

      If you have any unanswered questions, you can reach us via Live Chat (bottom right), Mail, WhatsApp or by phone.

      Contact us now