Your commercial freight forwarding
Function, key data, logistics network and Europe-wide shipping

      We offer our services exclusively for commercial customers, public authorities and companies. Transports on behalf of private individuals are completely excluded.

      The ideal freight forwarding service for your company

      On this page you can find out how to manage your freight forwarding shipments with Cargoboard and how to hire a freight forwarder.

      Furthermore, we will show you the advantages of our platform and how you can check transport prices online and book international transports by truck for your company.


      Freight forwarding with Cargoboard

      With Cargoboard you can ship your transport goods not only nationally, but also throughout Europe. If truck transports are not possible directly through our online platform, just contact us by mail or phone and we will find an individual solution for you as soon as possible. We will be glad to take care of your truck forwarding shipment!

      How does freight forwarding work?

      The Cargoboard platform offers you a fast, fully digital and efficient way of handling your freight forwarding shipments and hiring a freight forwarder.

      Online prices for your shipments

      After you have entered your shipment data on our platform with just a few clicks, you will receive suitable transport proposals and prices in real time and can hire a freight forwarder.

      These always include several offers from which you can choose the best one for you. This way, you can obtain an initial transport offer free of charge and without obligation as part of our freight forwarding service. You can also use our my.cargoboard platform to research your individual and up-to-date transport price for freight forwarding shipments without registering.

      Order booking

      Once you have requested the price for your freight forwarding shipment and selected a suitable offer, you can order a freight forwarder in the next step. To do this, you need to complete your shipment data and select a payment method of your choice. We offer you the payment options PayPal, credit card, GiroPay and SEPA direct debit.

      If you register on our platform, you also have the option of paying by invoice.

      Shipment tracking & User portal

      Our user portal provides you with many other helpful functions related to shipping with a freight forwarder.
      You will receive an evaluation of your previous shipments, a list of your requested as well as saved forwarding transports and of course the tracking of your existing shipments. Likewise, as your shipment volume increases, your freight forwarding terms become more favorable. We will be happy to create an individual tariff for you from 5 regular orders per month. Please contact our Sales Team for more information.

      Important key data for freight forwarding

      If you have your goods transported by forwarding shipment, you should pay attention to the following things:

      1. Goods weighing 30 kg or more or measuring 120 x 60 x 60 cm or more are classified as bulky goods in freight forwarding and must therefore be shipped on a pallet.
      2. If several pallets are shipped, a distinction is made in freight forwarding between Groupage freight, Less than truck loads and Full truck loads. When shipping groupage freight, you can ship a maximum of 6 pallets with a total weight of no more than 3 tonnes.
      3. Less than truck loads are likely to be transshipped in a warehouse and transported with other goods for efficient shipping routes. Full truck loads are shipped directly to the consignee by truck.
      4. It should be noted that the shipped goods are protected only if you additionally book a shipping insurance.
      5. If you send your goods with our climate protection contribution, the shipment usually costs only a few cents extra.

      Freight forwarding in the CargoLine network

      We work closely with CargoLine when it comes to forwarding shipments and handling our transports. CargoLine has a strong, extensive logistics network throughout Europe. As a subsidiary of CargoLine, we are able to provide you with exclusive and digital access to this network.

      Your major advantage: If you hire a freight forwarder through us, we take care of the entire service for you. This enables us to ensure that all your shipments reach your customers smoothly and on time.

      In addition, we provide you with personal contact persons who are available to assist you with any requests or problems via email, chat or phone.

      Flexible and safe shipping on the road for you

      Our daily claim is to bring your goods quickly and safely to the right place at the right time.

      The close and personal contact to our customers is the cornerstone for a cooperative partnership, through which we can react quickly, individually and above all flexibly to your wishes.

      Whether with groupage freight, as Direct Load or in cooperation with our trusted forwarding partners – we offer individual solutions for your transport requirements.

      With the help of our seamless shipment tracking , you can keep an eye on your shipment throughout the entire transport process. At all interfaces, your shipment is scanned, checked and the data is fed directly into our system. This way you are always informed about the delivery status of your shipments.

      The invoice and delivery receipts can be viewed online at any time. If problems arise, you will hear from us and not from your customers.

      Europe-wide freight forwarding

      In addition to national shipping within Germany, you can also use Cargoboard to hire a freight forwarder for shipments throughout Europe.

      Through our extensive logistics network, we are able to implement your forwarding shipment even on pan-European connections. Besides these destinations, you can ship with us to all European countries. Feel free to check out our connections and benefit from our Europe-wide network and expertise in this field.

      The most popular and Europe-wide connections include the following countries:

      Spedition Würzburg mit Transportlaufzeiten und Preisen bei Cargoboard
      National shipping

      Freight forwarding from and to Würzburg

      Spedition Essen mit Transportlaufzeiten und Preisen bei Cargoboard
      National shipping

      Freight forwarding from and to Essen

      Spedition Kiel mit Transportlaufzeiten und Preisen bei Cargoboard
      National shipping

      Freight forwarding from and to Kiel

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