Our Customer Service: In operation for you

You can reach us at any time: digitally and by phone!

Via live chat

You can reach us conveniently via live chat, where you can find answers to common problems. In case of individual problems, our employees are personally available to assist you.

Via WhatsApp

From Mon. – Fri. we are available for you also in WhatsApp during the day. 

By email

Our contact persons can be reached by mail at any time.

By phone

Mon. – Fri.: 08:00 – 17:00

Basti Lutkemeyer Kundenservice

Bastian Lütkemeyer

Karina Maurer Kundenservice

Karina Maurer

Sebastian Fockel Kundenservice

Sebastian Fockel

Cathy Bahlke Kundenservice

Catharina Balke

Stephan Vogt Kundenservice

Stephan Vogt

Lara Toleski Kundenservice

Lara Toleski

Nadine Massey Kundenservice

Nadine Massey

Marvin Brockling Kundenservice

Marvin Bröckling

Nadine Traczuk Kundenservice

Nadine Traczuk

Philipp Beine Kundenservice

Philipp Beine

Philippos Davidis Kundenservice

Gabriel Stratmann

Sebastian Di Marca Kundenservice

Sebastian Di Marca