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      We offer our services exclusively for commercial customers, public authorities and companies. Transports on behalf of private individuals are completely excluded.

      Pallet shipping: Europe-wide, reliable and cheap

      Whether within Germany, in the territory of the European Union or in third countries, such as Switzerland. At Cargoboard we offer easy and fast pallet shipping. You as a business customer can ship goods cheaply on a one-way or Euro pallet via our platform.


      Cheap pallet shipping with Cargoboard

      Regardless of whether the goods for your pallet shipment weigh 50 kg, 150 kg or 1,000 kg, with our platform my.cargoboard you as a commercial shipper can ship any pallet type via our international groupage freight network.

      With the help of our freight cost calculator for pallet shipping, you can calculate freight costs in seconds and without registration. After specifying the exact pickup and delivery locations, the shipping and payment method, we will bring your shipment safely to its destination.

      Shipping with the CargoLine logistics network

      CargoLine is a medium-sized transport network with locations in every European country, the CIS states and overseas. As a subsidiary of CargoLine, Cargoboard draws on its logistics network for the services it offers, such as pallet shipping. Through the network, we can provide high agility and speed through daily departures in all directions.

      This enables us to ship your pallets across Germany and throughout Europe within a few working days by groupage freight. For us and the CargoLine, the quality, transparency and reliability of our service are of primary importance.

      You want to book a pallet shipment with us? Use our platform, to get a price offer and book your shipment. Below you can see an overview of the process after your booking.

      This is how pallet shipping works with us as a forwarder

      Paket 29 kg 2

      The right packaging for pallet shipping

      Once you have booked a pallet shipment with us, it’s time to get to work. The goods must be packaged transport-safe.

      Goods that are heavier than 30 kg and are not accessible from underneath must be transported on a pallet. Depending on the volume of the goods, you can decide whether to ship your goods on a Euro or one-way pallet.

      For safe transport, it is important that the goods do not protrude over the edge of the pallet. To protect the goods, we recommend that you use sufficient padding. For example, for most items this would be bubble wrap and edge protectors.

      Goods shipped in cardboard boxes should be stabilized inside the carton so that they cannot shift. For this purpose, packaging chips, polystyrene, foam or cardboardare very suitable.

      The correct fixation for pallet shipping

      For pallet shipping, the packaged goods are now fixed to the pallet with tensioning and lashing straps so that they cannot slip off.

      If you are shipping glass or fragile goods on the pallet and they are not allowed to be stacked, it must be visible from the outside. For example, with a sticker or notice adhesive tape. For fragile goods that should not be tipped, we recommend attaching the label to the top of the transported goods.

      In addition, we would like to point out that your goods are not insured by default. This is sometimes presented in a misleading way. Therefore, if you are shipping expensive goods, we recommend booking an additional insurance.

      verpackungstipps 3

      The collection of pallets "free curbside".

      For pallet shipment, our forwarders usually take over your goods from the curb. For this purpose, it is imperative that shipments weighing 30 kg or more are either accessible from underneath or placed on a pallet for shipping. This allows us to load the goods on the pallet onto the truck with a pallet jack. Our trucks are always equipped with pallet jacks and a tail lift.

      Your goods will be picked up between 10 am and 4 pm. If you have individual requests for collection, it is best to address them to our service team.

      The delivery of pallets "free curbside".

      Like the collection, the delivery of pallets is “free curbside”. The forwarder unloads the truck at the curbside of the delivery address and obtains the signature for acceptance. This way, the consignee confirms that the goods have been received without damage.

      Delivery times for pallet shipping are between 8 am and 2 pm. Individual requests can be discussed. Feel free to direct them to our service team.


      General information about pallet shipping

      With Cargoboard you can ship your pallet in different dimensions. When booking, a distinction is made in particular between a Europool pallet (also known as a Euro pallet, flat pallet or DB pallet) and a one-way pallet.

      Types of pallets Euro pallet One-way pallet
      Short description
      • Standardized flat pallet (FP) made of wood, which comes from the exchange system Europool.
      • Vehicles and logistics infrastructure are designed for the Euro pallet
      • Reusable based on a deposit system (pallet is exchanged for pallet)
      • Very robust and proven in logistics and transportation
      • Intended for a single shipping route only
      • Use mostly when shipping to private individuals
      • Remain with the consignee and are not exchanged
      • Available in different sizes
      • Usually cheaper than Euro pallets

      Standard size

      120 x 80 x 14.4 cm (length x width x height)

      No standard size

      Common dimensions: 60 x 40 cm, 60 x 80 cm, 120 x 80 cm and 240 x 80 cm

      Weight 20 – 24 kg Varies between 5 and 25 kg depending on size
      Number of nails 78 – 81 nails Varies depending on the size and type of pallet
      Transport Can be transported and is accessible from all four sides with an industrial truck (forklift or pallet jack) Are mostly used as loss packaging during transport and remain with the consignee
      Maximum load capacity 1,000 kg (recommended), with optimal distribution 1,500 – 2,000 kg Depending on pallet type and quality 500 – 1,500 kg

      Choosing the right packaging material for pallet shipping

      With Cargoboard you are able to ship your goods with different packaging materials. Common, in addition to sending packages, is shipping on a one-way or Euro pallet.

      The right packaging explained in a few steps

      First, the edges of the goods to be transported must be provided with edge protection . You can attach this with adhesive tape, for example. After the edges are protected, ideally wrap the goods in bubble wrap . Thus, you ensure that your goods will be spared from dust, dirt and scratches. Alternatively, the goods can be packaged in a cardboard box.

      Then, the goods must be lashed to the center of your pallet for pallet shipping. For this purpose, for example, tension belts made of plastic are suitable. Your goods should not protrude above the pallet. This would greatly increase the risk of damage. If you have no other solution, it is mandatory to attach an impact protection to the goods.

      Transport-safe packaging is essential for smooth pallet shipping. For ecological and economical pallet shipping, the goods are reloaded several times and combined with other shipments.

      Learn more about the importance of transport packaging here.

      How to view prices for your pallet shipment in 3 steps

      Without registration and with a few details, you can get all freight prices online. You can choose whether to ship your goods on a one-way or Euro pallet and get your individual freight costs directly in our calculator. Once you have found the right offer, you can book the pallet shipment with Cargoboard immediately.

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