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      Calculate online shipping with our shipping calculator

      With our shipping cost calculator you can calculate all costs incurred for your goods shipment with a freight forwarder. Enter the pickup location of the goods and the respective destination of the shipment above and be taken further to the Cargoboard platform.

      In our shipping calculator a europallet (120 cm x 80 cm) is selected by default. The height is 100 cm and the weight is 100 kg. Here you need to estimate how many pallets you need and what height the goods reach on the pallet. After entering the size and weight of your shipment in our shipping calculator, you can view our offers. These price quotations are completely non-binding for you. If you are not satisfied with the prices, you can simply cancel the booking process.

      It makes no difference whether you want to ship your goods nationally or Europe-wide. We are also happy to help you with shipping to countries outside the European Union.

      Shipping costs calculator for shipping by forwarding agent

      In order to be able to calculate the transport price of a freight forwarder, other information is required in addition to the dimensions and weight of a shipment. The pickup location and the shipping location play a big role in calculating the shipping cost.

      In addition to the above factors, you need to know what type of freight forwarding service you want to use to ship your goods. At Cargoboard we distinguish between general cargo, part loads (LTL), full loads (FTL) and express direct.

      Groupage is the right choice if you want to ship individual pallets or packages as cheaply as possible. LTL and FTL is for our customers who have a lot of goods to ship and need a large area inside a truck for their packages, boxes and pallets. Depending on the chosen method of transport, the price also differs.

      Easy payment when shipping with a forwarding agent

      In addition to the shipping costs, many customers are also interested in how they can pay the shipping costs at Cargoboard. If you are satisfied with the transport price, the system will guide you through the rest of the booking process. You can easily pay at the end of the booking with all common payment methods: Credit card, PayPal, instant bank transfer or direct debit. The purchase on account is reserved for registered customers. Invoicing is possible throughout Europe.

      Tips for cheap shipping with our shipping calculator

      To save on shipping costs when sending your goods, there are a few points you should consider. For a favorable and smooth process, we advise you to pack your goods as space-saving as possible. However, be careful not to understate the weight and dimensions. Otherwise, you may incur additional surcharges. Also, the goods should be securely packed, and not protrude over the edge of the pallet. This is especially true for shipments that are easily damaged, such as a single package. Damaged goods cost shippers, forwarders and consignees money, time and nerves.

      How to save on shipping

      Pack goods as space-saving as possible

      A box or parcel measuring 60 cm x 80 cm x 150 cm should be shipped on a half pallet (one-way pallet 80 cm x 60 cm) for low cost shipping. If, on the other hand, you ship the same package on a Euro pallet, the footprint increases and so does the price of shipping.

      Dimensions & Do not specify weight too low

      Do not understate the dimensions and weight of your shipment. We can all make mistakes, but too small dimensions and too light weight entail additional costs.

      Transport safe & professional packing

      Good packaging is essential when shipping groupage and general cargo. Damage to the goods due to deficiencies in the packaging costs time and money for shippers, forwarders and recipients.

      Arrange special conditions

      If you regularly want to transport packages or pallets with Cargoboard, it is worth registering on our platform to receive attractive discounts.

      Send freight forwarding goods with the price-performance winner

      To ensure that your shipments are sent as cheaply as possible, it is always worth comparing prices. In addition to prices, however, pay attention to customer reviews.

      What can influence the shipping costs?

      A number of factors play an important role in calculating your freight costs.

      1. The transport route can have a big impact on the price. It’s not just about the kilometers driven. Prices may vary depending on the area passed through and in which region the pick-up and destination are located. In the case of freight forwarders, for example, very short trips are relatively expensive. The reason for this is the high fixed costs. The provision of vans and drivers incur costs that are more significant for short trips.
      2. Transport goods: Dangerous goods or harmless pallet goods? The type of goods transported also plays an important role in calculating the price. Do the goods to be transported have to be transported in a specific vehicle? Pallet shipping is usually the transportation option with the lowest cost.
      3. If you book a full load or direct transport, the transport time can be shortened . A consolidated load takes longer to travel, but is less expensive.