The Düsseldorf pallet
Definition and particularities

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      The Düsseldorf pallet

      The Düsseldorf pallet is a pallet that meets all the requirements of industry, transport and trade. It has a dimension of 80 x 60 centimeters, which is the size of half a Euro pallet. Because of this, the pallet is also called a half pallet. It meets all the criteria to be used both for transportation and presentation of goods in a store. Beverage crates on Düsseldorfer pallets are often found in supermarkets. Unlike display pallets (40 x 60/80 cm pallets/quarter pallets), the Düsseldorf pallet, like the Euro pallet, can be picked up from all four sides. The pallets can be loaded and picked up with a pallet truck or forklift.


      What distinguishes the Düsseldorf pallet in practice?

      In March 1986, the Düsseldorf pallet was presented to the public at the ISB Entrepreneurs’ Conference in Hanover and is now used by numerous food retailers. It is often used as a finished sales stand, without the need to sort the goods into shelves first. The standardization of the Düsseldorf pallet also makes it possible to use them in an exchange process. This makes the use economical and cost-effective.

      Why is it called the "Düsseldorf" pallet?

      In 1985, Walter Vieth presented the half pallet to the ISB Logistics Working Group and met with the direct approval of the other representatives from trade and industry. A name had not yet been determined, and so Walter Vieth proposed that Düsseldorf as the conference venue could be incorporated into the name. This is how the name “Düsseldorf pallet” came about.

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