The pallet jack
Definition and alternatives

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      What is a pallet jack and what is it used for in logistics?

      A pallet jack belongs to the industrial trucks with or without electric drive. A pallet truck can be used to transport pallets and pallet cages, which is why it is used in the logistics industry.

      But what does a pallet jack actually look like? A pallet jack consists of two tines made of metal. With the load rollers, which are located under the metal tines, you can access the pallet from underneath. If the pallet is to be lifted, only the hydraulic lifting cylinder needs to be actuated. After actuation, the pallet is lifted parallel to the floor.


      The difference between pallet jack and forklifts

      Although forklifts also belong to the industrial trucks, they differ from pallet jacks in a few aspects. Our trucks are equipped with pallet jacks and can therefore transport your goods from the curb.

      The pallet jack

      • No driver’s license necessary
      • A pallet jack is pushed or pulled
      • Compact, lightweight and mobile
      • For safety reasons: annual UVV inspection for all industrial trucks

      The forklift

      • Driver’s license required (for industrial trucks)
      • A forklift is driven
      • Heavier, larger and bulkier
      • For safety reasons: annual UVV inspection for all industrial trucks

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