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      The pallet exchange

      In this article you will learn how pallet exchange works and which packaging materials are subject to exchange.

      With Cargoboard, shipments with a unit weight of 30 kg or more must be sent on a packing means. The most common packaging material is the Euro pallet. Like the pallet cage, this is subject to tracking and is therefore subject to pallet exchange.

      When 33 loaded Euro pallets are shipped, they are exchanged for 33 empty Euro pallets without goods.

      A distinction is made between 2 types of pallet exchange:

      1. The sender exchange
      2. The receiver exchange


      The pallet exchange at the consignors:inside (consignor exchange)

      The sender exchange:

      • Empty pallets are unloaded by the forwarder and full pallets are loaded for transport
      • The pallet exchange is usually carried out train by train
      • If there are no or too few empty pallets on the truck, this will be noted and the debt paid at a later date

      The exchange of pallets at the consignee:s (consignee exchange)

      The receiver exchange:

      • Full pallets are unloaded by the forwarder and empty pallets are loaded for transport
      • Here, too, the exchange usually takes place step by step
      • If there are no or too few empty pallets at the consignee, this is noted and the debt is settled at a later date.

      Special cases of pallet exchange

      The exchange of pallets with private individuals:

      • The exchange of pallets for private persons is excluded for senders and recipients.
      • So there is no exchange of sender or recipient
      • To avoid misunderstandings when exchanging pallets, we ask you to arrange this with us in advance if possible.

      The exchange of pallets abroad

      • If you send a europallet to another EU country, it will be exchanged only in some countries
      • Countries where euro pallets are exchanged are: Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Netherlands and France.

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