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      We offer our services exclusively for commercial customers, public authorities and companies. Transports on behalf of private individuals are completely excluded.

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      What does the delivery condition "Free curb" mean?

      It is important to know what the term “free curb” means and that it exists. “Free curb” is the standard delivery in the shipping company. The addition “free” is a franking that states that it is a free shipment for the recipient by the sender. The opposite, in which the recipient would have to pay for delivery, would be “freight collect.” “Curbside” in this context refers to a form of delivery that only covers the route and unloading to the curb, or to the sidewalk of the specified address. For commercial customers this is the “normal case”. However, private customers are often irritated by this delivery method. If goods shipped by a forwarding agent are to be brought to the place of use, it is usually necessary that this is explicitly mentioned in the order.

      This is also the standard delivery for us. However, Cargoboard also gives you the opportunity to offer your customer delivery to the point of use. So a delivery directly to where the customer wants it. Feel free to contact to learn more.


      Advantage for delivery free curb

      If you as a seller deliver “free curb”, you usually benefit from lower freight and transport costs, as this type of delivery condition represents a significant labor saving compared to a delivery to the home.

      Disadvantage with delivery free curb

      However, with this method of delivery there are also disadvantages. In this case, this lies with the recipient. Your customer has to get the goods from the street or curb to the destination on his own. Especially with forwarded goods (heavy pallets or bulky goods) this is not necessarily easy without the right equipment.

      Collection "free curbside

      Along with the delivery “free curbside” there is also the collection “free curbside”. In this case, too, the forwarding company only provides transport from the sidewalk or roadside to the transport truck, but no further. It is mandatory to take this into account before booking.
      Here, too, a lower cost point for the client is the advantage, which, however, is associated with more effort on his part. Goods that are not at the roadside cannot be taken with this type of booking.

      Delivery to a destination as an alternative

      As an alternative for “free curbside”, we at Cargoboard also offer you transport to a ground level destination. Ground level in this case means that it must be accessible by lift truck.