Delivery free curbside
Definition, advantages & disadvantages and alternatives

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      Delivery free curbside

      The delivery condition “free curbside” is the standard delivery when it comes to freight forwarding.

      The term “free” means that there is free delivery by the shipper for the consignee. The opposite is “unfree”. In this scenario, the consignee has to pay for the delivery.

      The term “curbside” refers to the form of delivery that includes transport and unloading to the curb of the specified address. Therefore, the delivery is not made to the place of use.


      Advantages and disadvantages of a delivery free curbside


      Sellers benefit from lower freight and transport costs with “free curbside” delivery. The type of delivery results in a significant labor saving compared to delivery to the point of use.


      The disadvantage of this delivery method lies with the consignee. They have to move the goods from the curb to the point of use on their own. Especially with bulky goods, this is not always easy without the appropriate equipment.

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      What does collection free curbside mean?

      In addition to the delivery “free curbside”, there is also the collection “free curbside”. Here, too, the freight forwarder takes over the goods to be transported from the curb. The advantage here is also the lower cost for the customer.

      Free at place delivery (ground-level)

      As with other freight forwarders, “free curbside” is the standard delivery. However, Cargoboard also offers free at place delivery: i.e. delivery directly to where the customer wants it.

      Only conditions: 

      • The destination must be at ground level 
      • The destination must be accessible with a pallet jack

      To offer your customers delivery to their chosen destination, please contact us.

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