Outsourcing in logistics
Definition and risks

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      Outsourcing in logistics

      Outsourcing generally refers to the transfer of corporate tasks and structures to external service providers.

      In logistics, we speak of outsourcing when physical and administrative logistics tasks are transferred to an external service provider. These tasks can come from the areas of management, marketing, transportation or even IT.

      Outsourcing allows companies to concentrate on their core business. Outsourcing can be an advantage, especially for small companies or start-ups. It is often cost-effective to hire an external service provider than to set up a new department with your own employees.

      However, outsourcing is only beneficial if the service outweighs the company’s own optimization possibilities. Opportunities and risks must be weighed up in advance.


      What are the risks of outsourcing?

      • Poor or zero performance
      • Start-up problems
      • Loss of motivation
      • Loss of know-how
      • Communication problems

      How can risks be minimized when outsourcing?

      • Qualified pre-selection of service providers
      • Complete and comprehensible tender
      • Professional start-up phase
      • Realistic assessment of the task
      • Sufficient resources

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