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      We offer our services exclusively for commercial customers, public authorities and companies. Transports on behalf of private individuals are completely excluded.

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      Your digital forwarder

      With Cargoboard as a digital freight forwarder, you can have your goods shipped quickly and easily online at any time. Our digital process handling enables seamless tracking of your freight and a transparent process. Below we explain how our forwarding service is structured.


      How does a digital freight forwarder work?

      In just a few minutes you can start your forwarding order digitally with us at any time. At you can order your freight for shipment in a few minutes. For this we need from you the weight of the goods, the dimensions and the loading and unloading location. Subsequently, you can decide whether you want to choose standard shipping, climate-neutral shipping, express shipping or fixed delivery.

      The right packaging for forwarding shipment
      We can ship general cargo, bulky cargo, hazardous cargo, partial loads and full loads. For transportation, it is important that you pack your goods appropriately. From 30kg weight of goods or dimensions of 120 x 60 x 60 cm you have to ship your goods on a pallet. We recommend to send the goods packed in cartons or bubble wrap.

      The forwarding shipment

      Within Germany it is possible to send the cargo within 24-48 hours. Pickup is usually between 10 am and 4 pm. Within the EU shipping takes 2-7 days depending on the route. Loading and unloading is carried out “free curbside” as standard. This means, unless otherwise agreed, your goods will be collected by us at the curb. With general cargo shipping , we handle your goods in a central warehouse and distribute them on efficient truck routes. If you book a full load, your goods will be driven directly to your destination.

      The delivery of your goods

      The standard delivery is free curbside. You are welcome to contact our service team to discuss a destination other than “curbside”. Delivery is expected between 8 am and 2 pm. At this point, the consignee accepts the goods from the carrier and thereby also confirms their intactness. Through us as a digital forwarder, you can follow the entire shipping process with seamless track & trace.

      Hire a freight forwarder now!

      Ship commercial forwarding orders quickly and inexpensively with Cargoboard!

      The Cargoline as a forwarding partner

      Cargoboard as a digital freight forwarding company is a subsidiary of Cargoline. As a forwarding partner, Cargoline offers a professional network of forwarding service providers throughout Europe. Thanks to the predominantly owner-operated, long-standing partner companies, Cargoline offers a pronounced proximity to customers, a high degree of flexibility, also with regard to individual tariff structures, and cooperation at eye level.

      The reach through the umbrella organization is a strong advantage of Cargoline. The European freight forwarding network consists of more than 80 partners in 43 countries in Western and Eastern Europe, the CIS countries, as well as the Near and Middle East and North Africa. This will allow for more than 600 direct shipments and a domestic and international hub system. The shipping system also enables seamless shipment tracking.

      Digital tracking of your shipping order

      track your forwarding order digitally at any time. Simply enter the number in the field provided at the top of shipment tracking , or click on “Track shipment” in the header of one of our pages and enter the number there. If you now click on “Search”, you will already see the current information about your shipment. Other ways to track your shipment are as follows:

      1. Click on the tracking link in your order confirmation. This way you can directly retrieve the status digitally. You can also forward this link to your customers.
      2. You can log in to your customer portal and track the shipment digitally here.
      3. By phone, mail or live chat, we will be happy to answer your shipment inquiries personally.

      Safe forwarding shipment with Cargoboard

      Contrary to a common assumption, your goods are not insured by default when shipped by a freight forwarder. We recommend that you take out transport insurance. Compared to the value of the goods, the insurance is relatively cheap. For 5,00 € per 1.000 € value of goods you can cover yourself with transport insurance. However, the insurance costs at least 5,50€.