Logistics 4.0 with Cargoboard
Meaning and implementation

      We offer our services exclusively for commercial customers, public authorities and companies. Transports on behalf of private individuals are completely excluded.

      What does Logistics 4.0 mean?

      Logistics 4.0 refers to the digitalization and automation of the logistics industry with the help of artificial intelligence and algorithms. That means that processes, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, etc. are networked through information and communication technologies. The goals of Logistics 4.0 are greater transparency, faster processing and better troubleshooting.

      These goals can only be achieved with the help of new technologies. Improved communication and electronic data exchange can solve problems faster and ensure greater transparency. GPS and electronic tracking also contribute to transparency by localizing and identifying the location. With the help of the new technologies, logistical processes can thus be optimized.


      Cargoboard and Logistics 4.0

      Cargoboard is part of Logistics 4.0 and contributes to the digitalization of the logistics industry. With Cargoboard, it is possible for commercial customers to book transports from A to B online in the most convenient way. You can view transport offers in just a few steps and book them immediately. This gives you more time for your day-to-day business. With Cargoboard you save time and money and know your goods are in reliable hands!

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