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      Wir bieten unsere Dienstleistung ausschließlich für Gewerbekund:innen, Behörden und Unternehmen an. Ein Transport im Auftrag von Privatpersonen ist komplett ausgeschlossen.

      Are you looking for a good freight forwarder nearby? Cargoboard makes it easy!

      As a digital freight forwarder, we support you in getting your shipments to their destination quickly and safely. To do this, we use our comprehensive network of freight forwarders and transport companies near your location.

      With our service, we ensure both national as well as international shipping throughout Europe. In addition to transports, Cargoboard also offers other services such as customs clearance for your goods.

      Calculate the transport price of your order with just a few clicks.


      How do I find a freight forwarder near me?

      Using our transport platform, you can easily book transports for a freight forwarder near you. We will then refer them to one of our partners who is located near you.

      Depending on how quickly you want your goods to reach your customers, you have the following delivery options to choose from:

      Standard delivery Premium delivery Delivery option Direct Load
      Standard duration of national transports
      • 1-2 business days (collection within 3 business days)
      • 1 business day (collection on the selected business day)
      • 1 business day
      Shipping method
      • Groupage freight
      • Full Truck Loads
      • Less Than Truck Loads
      • Groupage freight
      • Full Truck Loads
      • Less Than Truck Loads
      • Direct Load without transshipment

      Note: If you book a Direct Load, the driver of the truck or curtain-side van will only transport your goods directly to the consignees without any intermediate stops – this saves an enormous amount of time.

      What is the process of booking a nearby freight forwarder via Cargoboard?

      Since we have an extremely large network of logistics companies with a lot of experience across Europe, we also work with transport companies close to your company.

      Booking through our platform

      1. To arrange transports via Cargoboard, simply book via our platform. All you have to do is enter your shipment data.
      2. We will then calculate the freight price for you and you can choose the shipping method that is right for you.
      3. You can then customize your information and book additional services.
      4. In the next three steps, you enter your address and contact details as well as the consignee’s data.
      5. Finally, all you have to do is enter your payment options and finally book the transport of your goods.
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      How much does a freight forwarder near me cost?

      Since the price depends on several criteria and your needs, the question of how much a nearby forwarding company costs cannot be answered in a generalized way.

      The following aspects must be considered:

      • Shipping method (Groupage freight, Full Truck Load or Direct Load)
      • Delivery options
      • Quantity, size and weight of the shipment
      • Additional options (e.g. shipping insurance, pallet exchange, dangerous goods allowance)

      To find out the exact price, enter your individual conditions for transports on our platform. You will receive your quotation in just a few seconds.

      Aspekte zur Preisermittlung

      From which and to which cities and regions can I book transports with Cargoboard?

      With Cargoboard, you can ship goods throughout Germany. It doesn’t matter in which region you or your customers are located. You will find the most popular areas sorted alphabetically here:

      Can I book shipping insurance for a forwarding company nearby?

      With Cargoboard, you can take out shipping insurance, which goes beyond conventional freight forwarding liability for all shipments. In the event of damage or loss, you will receive the full value of the goods reimbursed by the insurance company.

      Can I also use Cargoboard to transport goods to Switzerland or Great Britain?

      Yes, Cargoboard also provides transports to non-EU countries, such as to the UK or Switzerland.

      We also take care of fast and reliable processing with customs and thus ensure that consignees receive their goods quickly.

      For more information on this and other export modalities to the UK and Switzerland – such as the export declaration – , please visit our page on customs clearance.

      Frequently asked questions

      I cannot find what I am looking for. Who can I contact?

      If you have any unanswered questions, you can reach us via Live Chat (bottom right), Mail, WhatsApp or by phone.

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