Sending your shipment as a commercial additional load
Calculate and send commercial additional loads online

      We offer our services exclusively for commercial customers, public authorities and companies. Transports on behalf of private individuals are completely excluded.

      Send additional loads and optimize costs

      You have a shipment quantity for which you do not need a whole truck, a slightly longer transit time is not important to you and the price is decisive for the transport? In that case, the transport as an additional load is the right solution for you.

      With just a few clicks, you can use our cost calculator to calculate an individual transport price and book the right shipping method for your project. After booking, our system assigns your additional load directly to a free truck.

      If you have any questions regarding the topic of additional loads, you can contact our customer service at any time.


      What is an additional load?

      During transport processing, it may happen that the available loading space is not fully loaded with goods and the vehicle still has loading space available. Such a trip is called an empty trip in logistics.

      If, on the other hand, a freight forwarder collects other shipments on the shipping route, this is referred to as an additional load.

      The advantages of an additional load

      The great advantage of additional loads is that you share the costs for a complete truck with several customers and minimize so-called empty trips.

      In order to add an additional load in an economically reasonable way, only a little extra effort has to be calculated in the following points:

      • Personnel costs for drivers
      • Fuel costs due to the detour
      • Additional costs due to the higher transport weight

      Subsequently, the trip can be offered at a significantly lower price for all participants with the same service. Another advantage lies in the point of environmental protection, because the more additional loads are accommodated in empty runs, the fewer trucks are on the roads.

      How do I book an additional load?

      With Cargoboard you can quickly and easily book an additional load. Simply visit our platform my.cargoboard. There you will find a booking process for the pricing of your additional cargo as well as the booking itself. The next steps will show you how to proceed:

      1. Enter shipment data: This includes the pickup location, the delivery location and the type of packaging. Other points include the number, dimensions and weights of the packages, including the packaging.

      2. Select and configure the offer: After selecting the shipping method you can add additional services such as insurance or a despatch advise in the next step.

      3. Complete the data and place the order: Finally, complete the address data and place the order. You will receive a barcode label, order confirmation, and your tracking access.

      Shipping and packaging additional loads correctly

      Additional loads must meet the same packaging criteria as, for example, groupage freight . From a weight of 30 kg, the goods must be accessible from underneath with a pallet jack. If this is not the case, the goods must be transported on a pallet.

      In addition, you should make sure that the goods are adequately secured. These include edge protection, bubble wrap and other safeguarding measures. It is important that the goods do not protrude beyond the edge of the pallet.

      We have prepared more in-depth packaging tips for you on this page.

      Prices additional loads

      The price of your additional load is highly dependent on the following factors:

      • The shipping method
      • Distance to be covered
      • Transport weight

      You can see your daily updated price with consideration of the listed factors after entering a few details on our platform.

      Send additional load internationally with a freight forwarder

      With Cargoboard as your freight forwarder for your additional load, you can also ship your goods throughout Europe. With our Europe-wide network, we are able to deliver your additional load within a few business days.

      Our most popular connections include the following countries:

      Spedition Rumänien mit Transportlaufzeiten und Preisen
      International shipping

      Freight forwarding from and to Romania

      Spedition Würzburg mit Transportlaufzeiten und Preisen bei Cargoboard
      National shipping

      Freight forwarding from and to Würzburg

      Spedition Essen mit Transportlaufzeiten und Preisen bei Cargoboard
      National shipping

      Freight forwarding from and to Essen

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