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      You have a shipment quantity for which you do not need a whole truck, a slightly longer delivery time is not important to you and the price is decisive for the transport? Then a side load is just what you need, because booking a full truck is not worth it in this scenario. Instead, transport as a part load or part lot is particularly attractive here.

      With just a few clicks, you can use our price calculator to calculate an individual transport price and book the right shipping option for your project. After booking, our system assigns your additional load directly to a free truck.

      This article explains the most important key points regarding the supplementary charge. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at .


      What is an incidental load?

      When a forwarding company carries out a transport, it often happens that the available cargo space in the truck is not fully loaded with goods for transport. So the vehicle still has some space.

      Freight forwarders refer to these trips as empty trips because parking spaces are still available or the vehicle’s capacity is not fully utilized. If, on the other hand, freight forwarders pick up another shipment along the way, this is known as an additional load.

      The advantages of a supplementary load

      Additional loads are advantageous, as you share the cost of a complete truck with several customers. When booking a sole transport without additional cargo, the price is calculated based on the round trip.

      In order to add an additional load to this load in a way that makes economic sense, the freight forwarder only has to calculate a small extra expense for the points of personnel costs as well as fuel costs due to the detour and the higher transport weight. This means that the trip can be offered at a significantly lower price for all participants with the same service.

      Another advantage lies in the point of environmental protection, because the more additional loads are accommodated in empty runs, the fewer trucks are on the roads. In addition, the savings of petroleum and the reduction of congestion risks contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Cargoboard, as a climate-friendly company , is therefore committed to the efficient use of additional loads.

      How do I book an additional load?

      With Cargoboard you can quickly and easily book an additional load. To do so, simply go to our platform. There you will find a clear booking process for the pricing of your additional cargo as well as the booking itself. The next steps will show you how to proceed:

      1. Enter shipment data: This includes the pick-up location, the delivery address and the type of packaging. Other points are the number, dimensions and weights of the package or packages.
      2. Select offer & configure: After selecting the transport option, in the next step you can select additional services such as… add an insurance or telephone appointment.
      3. Complete data & Complete the order: Finally, complete the address data and place the order. You will then receive a barcode label, order confirmation, and your tracking access.

      Shipping and packing accompanying loads correctly

      Accompanying loads must meet the same packaging criteria as general cargo shipments. This means that from a weight of 30 kg, the goods must be able to be moved underneath with a lift truck. If this is not the case, it must be packed on a pallet. Only in this way we have the possibility to transport your goods.

      In addition, you should make sure that the goods are adequately secured. These include edge protection, bubble wrap and other safeguarding measures. It is important that the goods do not protrude beyond the edge of the pallet. You can view more in-depth packaging tips here .

      Send additional load internationally with a freight forwarder

      With Cargoboard as your forwarding agent for your additional cargo, you can also ship your goods throughout Europe. With our Europe-wide network, we are able to implement your shipment within a few working days.

      Our most popular connections include the countries below:

      Spedition Portugal mit Preisen, Transportlaufzeiten und Besonderheiten beim Transport
      International Shipping

      Freight forwarding from and to Portugal

      Spedition von & nach Dänemark
      International Shipping

      Freight forwarding from and to Denmark

      Spedition von & nach England
      International Shipping

      Freight forwarding from and to England

      Special conditions for your forwarding shipment

      We will be happy to discuss favorable special conditions with you. From as few as five shipments per month, you can benefit from discounts and hire a freight forwarder even cheaper.

      Requesting special conditions

      Feel free to contact our sales team and provide us with the following data so that we can calculate your individual conditions:

      • Company name
      • Monthly shipment volume
      • Average weight and size of your shipment
      • Place of dispatch and receipt (Germany-wide or international?)
      • Type of packaging (one-way pallet, Euro pallet, carton, etc.)
      • Contact possibility

      After you provide us with the required information, we will make you an individual transport offer. If you agree to this, we will store your conditions in your Cargoboard profile. This way you can easily request favorable prices and book transports around the clock.

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