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      We offer our services exclusively for commercial customers, public authorities and companies. Transports on behalf of private individuals are completely excluded.

      Calculate freight and transportation costs online

      With Cargoboards freight cost calculator you can find out your shipping costs online in the fastest way and also compare transport options.

      Unlike traditional freight forwarders, you will receive a price offer for your transport costs immediately. For an initial price orientation, only a few pieces of information are sufficient for our freight cost calculator.

      First, enter the cities or zip codes for pickup and delivery and be guided to our platform. You will be able to specify the type of packaging, dimensions and weight of the goods to be transported and you will receive a non-binding price offer.


      Pay freight costs

      After calculating the cost of transport, many customers are interested in what payment methods are available. We offer all our customers the payment methods credit card, PayPal, prepayment and direct debit. Registered customers also have the option to settle their payment by invoice.

      Registered customers on the Cargoboard platform have many advantages:

      • Possible custom conditions
      • Payment by invoice
      • Detailed presentation of the previous shipment histories
      • Easy access to track and trace
      • Creation of templates for frequent transport routes (pickup locations, destinations, etc.)

      Cargoboards freight cost calculator

      The Cargoboard price calculator saves you time and money. We provide you with a shipping quote – without you having to do extensive research beforehand, getting stuck in waiting loops or drown in emails. All we need is the point of collection and delivery, the weight and dimensions of the shipment. Then you can determine which shipping method suits your request and book it immediately.

      At Cargoboard we offer 3 shipping methods. Up to 6 individual cardboard boxes, packages or pallets can be transported with groupage freight.

      If you want to ship more than 6 pallets, our LTL transports are the right choice for you. LTL describes our Less Than Truck Loads. Less Than Truck Loads make sense when you need to ship more than 6 pallets, but the shipment is not enough for an entire truck. Less Than Truck Loads are cheaper than FTL transports because you share the cost of the truck with other shippers.

      FTL transports or Full Truck Loads are necessary when you need the full loading area of a truck.

      View and compare our prices free of charge and without obligation. With our dedicated customer service and our established and experienced partner company CargoLine, we offer you an excellent logistics network.

      Calculating transport costs: This is what you should pay attention to

      When calculating transport costs, it depends on the chosen shipping method. Cargoboard offers groupage freight, bulky goods transports, Less Than Truck Loads and Full Truck Loads on Euro or one-way pallets.

      Customers can have almost any type, size and weight of freight transported. Even dangerous goods are possible!
      Especially for new customers who have little experience with freight forwarders, the issue of packaging plays a major role.

      Please note that when you specify the weight and size of your shipment, you take the choice of packaging material into account. If you want to ship a Euro pallet, for example, you must take the weight and size of the pallet into account when calculating the transport costs. Only then will you get the exact cost of your shipment.

      How do you calculate dimensions and weight?

      You are shipping a packaged machine measuring 100 cm (length), 60 cm (width) and 80 cm (height). The weight is 250 kg. You decide on a Euro pallet for the packaging material and place the machine centrally on the pallet.

      In the price calculator you must now enter the basic dimensions of the Euro pallet (120 cm x 80 cm), as the machine does not protrude on the Euro pallet. The height of a Euro pallet is approx. 15 cm and must be calculated to the height of the machine. Thus, the height to be entered in the price calculator is 95 cm. Finally, the weight of the Euro pallet must also be added to the machine weight. On average, a Euro pallet weighs about 25 kg. Thus, the chargeable weight is 275 kg.

      What factors influence transportation costs?

      A number of factors play an important role when calculating your freight costs.

      1. The transport route can have a great impact on the price. It’s not just about the kilometers driven. Prices may vary depending on the area the shipment must pass through. In the case of freight forwarders, for example, very short trips are relatively expensive. The reason for this is the high fixed costs. The provision of the truck and driver are costs that are more significant for short trips.
      2. Transported goods: Dangerous goods or harmless pallet goods? The type of goods transported also plays a role in the calculation. With Cargoboard, for example, the shipping of dangerous goods in groupage freight is free of charge.
      3. Depending on the selected shipping method could also shorten the transit time. Those who book a Full Truck Load or Direct Load usually pay more than for groupage freight, which, however, takes longer to travel.
      4. Depending on conditions at the loading and unloading point, the price may also vary. Our trucks usually have a tail lift and a pallet jack in the luggage, so that the loading of most shipments of goods is not a problem. However, if you are shipping pallets that weigh more than 1,000 kg, a ramp, forklift or crane will be needed to load the goods. The loading method used will affect what type of truck we send to you.

      Custom conditions for your freight costs

      Save transport costs through frequent shipping

      We will gladly deposit custom conditions for your shipments on our platform. You can benefit from attractive discounts for as few as ten shipments per month.

      Request custom conditions

      After you provide us with the required information, we will set up custom conditions. This way you can request your individual shipping costs 24/7 and book your transport immediately.

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