Tension belts for load securing
Definition & types

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      Tension belts for load securing

      Tension belts are textile lashing materials that are used to secure loads when it is not possible to create at least a form closure that adequately secures the load. Tension belts can also be used to secure the goods on a pallet.

      There are basically two types of tension belts:

      • One-piece tension belts
      • Two-piece tension belts

      One-piece tension belts for load securing

      One-piece tension belts are used for strapping parts of the load. In this case, one end of the belt is firmly connected to the closure element. The other end can be passed through the closure element, tensioned and fixed.

      Two-piece tension belts for load securing

      If parts of the load are to be secured by tie-down lashing or diagonal lashing, two-piece tension belts are generally used. These tension belts consist of so-called loose and fixed ends. The fixed end consists of a connecting element (hook or similar) and the locking element, which are connected by a strap piece. The loose end consists of the actual belt and another connecting element.

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