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      What is a collective charge?

      In the transport and logistics sector, one speaks of a consolidated load when various consignments or goods are bundled and transported as a consolidated load. You can ship your goods as groupage if you ship a maximum of 6 pallets or a maximum total weight of 3 tons. In a consolidated shipment, different parties and carriers are connected to each other using interfaces and a data network.


      What is a consolidated cargo suitable for?

      The shipping method is suitable for shipping up to 6 individual pallets with a maximum weight of 3 tons. The procedure is as follows: As part of a groupage transport, the general cargo is picked up from various shippers and combined into a groupage at the warehouse of the forwarding company . After delivery, they are separated again in the appropriate warehouses. Due to its cost-effectiveness, transport as groupage is a widespread method in logistics, because mixing the different shipments brings the advantage of being particularly cost-saving. Likewise, a consolidated load is more environmentally friendly than a direct transport without loading.

      In this context, the freight forwarder has the task of pre-planning the tours in a logistically sensible way, taking into account the time and traffic aspects. In addition, attention should also be paid to the utilization of the cargo space capacity of the means of transport, the correct loading of the cargo space and delivery priorities during the transport route.

      Which players are involved in groupage transport?

      In a groupage transport, several players always work together for the successful completion of the transport:

      • Shipper: He instructs his forwarder for the execution of the consolidated shipment
      • Forwarder: He coordinates the collection with the shipping forwarder and the delivery of the consolidated goods with the receiving forwarder
      • Shipping forwarder: forwards the goods together with other shipments to the receiving forwarder
      • receiving forwarder: he loads the goods on a small truck and delivers the goods to the consignee
      • Carrier: This takes over the main leg, i.e. the transport to the receiving depot, for the forwarding agent. However, a carrier need not necessarily be involved. In some cases, the shipping companies carry out the main run themselves
      • Consignee: The final consignee receives the individual shipments of a consolidated shipment

      Your groupage transport with Cargoboard

      Cargoboard as an online freight forwarder collects your goods (e.g. in the form of groupage) and takes care of the delivery to the destination. This includes groupage as well as partial or complete loads. You can quickly and easily specify your shipping details (loading and unloading location, size, weight) online at any time and get quotes or prices generated directly from which you can choose. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.