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      Groupage freight - functionality and definition

      In the transport and logistics sector, groupage freight is the term used when several shipments are combined into one load. Groupage freight may have a maximum of 6 pallet spaces and a maximum total weight of 3 tons.

      To handle the transport, several parties and forwarders are connected with the help of interfaces and data networks.


      The benefits of groupage freight

      This shipping method is suitable for shipping up to 6 pallets with a maximum weight of 3 tons. Due to its cost-effectiveness, groupage freight is a widely used method in logistics. Combining the different shipments has the advantage of being particularly cost-saving.

      In the case of groupage freight, freight forwarders are responsible for planning shipping routes in advance in a logistically appropriate manner, taking time and traffic aspects into account. Furthermore, they need to pay attention to the utilization of the loading space capacity, the correct loading and delivery priorities along the transport route.

      How does the transport of groupage freight work?

      1. The groupage shipments are collected by one freight forwarder from different shippers in one region
      2. The collected shipments are handled in the warehouse of the collecting freight forwarder and logistically grouped for further transportation
      3. The grouped shipments get transported to their destination region in bundles
      4. In the destination region, the groupage shipments are unloaded and delivered to the consignee

      Which parties are involved in the transportation of groupage freight?

      In the case of groupage freight, several parties work together to ensure successful handling:

      • Shipper: Appoints a freight forwarder to transport the groupage freight
      • Shipping Forwarder: Coordinates the pickup of the goods and forwards them with other shipments to the receiving forwarder
      • Receiving forwarder: Receives the goods from the first forwarder and delivers them to the consignee
      • Consignee: Receives the shipment

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