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      Reliable transport of solar modules with Cargoboard

      Solar energy is not only regenerative, but also cost-saving. However, before mounting, you need to transport the PV modules safely to guarantee full-fledged performance.

      Cargoboard offers you optimized and modern shipping techniques to transport your solar modules reliably, efficiently and quickly - nationally as well as internationally.



      Transporting solar modules with Cargoboard

      If you want to transport solar modules, you should take into account some aspects in the preparation.

      Thanks to Cargoboard's extensive and far-reaching transportation network, it is possible to complete your shipment within a few business days.

      With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can choose the desired mode of transport on our platform, calculate the freight costs and reserve the transport immediately.


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      Transportablauf Warenversand Cargoboard
      Auftragsbuchung des Warenversands über die Plattform my cargoboard

      The order booking through our platform

      In order to place an order through our platform, it is necessary to first provide shipping information such as pickup and destination locations, as well as the exact dimensions of the shipment, including packaging. This step is of great importance to ensure an accurate calculation of the freight cost.


      The choice of means of transport for shipping the solar modules

      Once you have booked the transport and received the necessary documents, it is time to pack the goods.

      With Cargoboard, deliveries whose total weight including packaging exceeds 30 kg must be shipped on a pallet. For detailed recommendations on optimal packaging design, please refer to our packaging instructions at the bottom of this page.

      More about Packing Tips

      Die Verpackung der Ware für den Transport
      Die Abholung der Ware für den Transport

      The collection of solar modules packages

      Our forwarding agents will pick up your shipment directly at the curb. For shipments weighing 30 kg or more, the goods must either be placed on a pallet or be self-driving.

      The delivery of the solar modules

      Like the pickup, the delivery of the solar modules is free curbside. For this purpose, the shipment is unloaded by our forwarding agents at the delivery address at the roadside.

      Die Lieferung der versendeten Ware

      Delivery times for the transport of solar modules

      In the table below we have prepared the standard transit times for the transport of solar modules within Germany.


      Transit times for European shipments can be viewed on our platform after entering the pickup and destination locations.


      Please note that delivery times may vary due to seasonal fluctuations and regional restrictions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our service team.

        Standard delivery option Express delivery option

      General cargo shipment

      1-2 workdays 1 working day

      less than truck load

      1 working day (collection within 3 working days)

      1 working day (collection on the selected working day)

      Full truckloads

      1 working day (collection within 3 working days)

      1 working day (collection on the selected working day)


      Delivery option desired date

      The delivery option of the desired date is available for the transport type of general cargo shipment. This delivery option allows you to send your general cargo shipment at a later date of your choice. What does that mean in concrete terms?

      • Collection on the next working day or on the desired day
      • Prioritized delivery on the desired date
      • Free storage of goods for a maximum of 4 working days (then 5€ per pallet space and per working day)
      • Minimum terms as for the Standard delivery option

      Type of transport direct

      When booking a direct trip, you can look forward to our fastest transport product. In this case, the booked vehicle will drive to the receiving point without delay and without transshipment points.


      Learn more about direct trips

      Prices in the transport of solar modules

      When transporting large solar modules, prices depend heavily on the pickup and destination locations, as well as the chosen mode of transport and total weight.

      With our price calculator, you can calculate your personalized transport price in real time by simply entering your shipment details.

      Transporting solar modules - this is how safe shipping works

      Depending on the size and number, different methods exist for shipping solar modules.


      However, be sure to avoid transport damage caused by jerking, bumping or dropping the solar panels. This can cause micro-cracks in the solar modules. These impair the energy flow in the solar module and reduce the photovoltaic output.


      A freight forwarder makes special deliveries to ensure that the solar panels reach you safely and intact.


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      Packing solar modules correctly

      The use of high quality packaging materials determines transport safety. So make sure you use a sturdy packaging material to protect the solar modules from shocks and vibrations.


      Dafür können Sie die Solarmodule vor dem Transportieren in eine Schutzfolie einwickeln und mit einer Polsterung wie Schaumstoff oder Styropor umgeben. Also use shrink wrap, wooden crates or cardboard packaging so that the modules are additionally protected from damage.


      You should take extra care and caution with concentrator modules, as they are even more sensitive than ordinary solar modules.


      Transporting solar modules safely

      Follow the packing instructions: Most solar modules come with instructions on how to pack and transport them safely. Make sure you follow these instructions carefully.


      In addition, the IEC 61215 and 61730 standards have been in place for several years to ensure an appropriate safety standard for the transport of solar modules. Therefore, please consider these instructions when transporting solar modules.


      There is an increased risk of impact or falling when reloading solar modules. To prevent additional damage during transportation, avoid reloading the photovoltaic modules. If this is unavoidable, it should be carried out by personnel trained to do so.


      In addition, some countries or regions have specific regulations for the transport of solar modules.


      Learn more about packaging tips

      Are solar modules considered dangerous goods?

      Depending on the type, some solar cells contain isolated substances that are classified as hazardous. These include, for example, lead and sulfuric acid. For this reason, the shipment of such solar modules is a transport of dangerous goods.

      The supply of solar models

      Solar modules are usually delivered on disposable pallets or special module pallets. These are designed to hold the solar modules securely and protect them from damage. The number of solar modules per pallet varies depending on the manufacturer. However, the minimum number for this is 4 modules per pallet.


      It is important that the pallets themselves are not damaged. Außerdem sollten die Solarpanels beim Transportieren sicher auf der Palette befestigt sein, um ein Verrutschen zu vermeiden. Therefore, in the best case, check the protection several times, so that you can ensure a damage-free transport.


      Before a newly developed solar module can be shipped for the first time, the manufacturer must subject it and its packaging to a number of transport tests. These comply with the DIN EN 62759-1 safety standard and are designed to guarantee undamaged transport.


      Here, the corresponding solar module is packaged by the producer and tested in an accredited testing laboratory. The following examinations may be performed during such an examination:

      • Vibration tests
      • Tilt drop test
      • Oblique impact test
      • Testing driving over unpredictable obstacles on the road, such as potholes and sidewalk edges
      • Insulation test
      • Thermal cycling test
      • Moisture Frost Test
      • dynamic and static load test

      As soon as the solar module has survived these tests undamaged in the packaging used, it may be shipped to customers by the manufacturer in this combination.


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      Transporting solar modules with Cargoboard

      With over 46,000 trusted partners, the safe transport of your solar modules is close to our hearts. State-of-the-art conveying technologies, qualified employees and operational excellence distinguish us and provide the ideal basis for efficient transport of your goods.


      Our range of services at a glance:

      You too can find your individual transport solution with Cargoboard:

      We are your direct contact and guarantee efficient, reliable and uncomplicated processing.

      Secure your solar modules

      It is important to make sure that your solar panels are insured during transport. We offer our customers transport insurance in case your shipment is damaged or lost.


      Learn more about transport insurance

      Special conditions for the transport of solar modules

      If you regularly ship at least 5 shipments per month with Cargoboard, you can benefit from individual conditions as a frequent shipper:in.

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