Gearbox shipping with on-site pickup!

      We offer our services exclusively for commercial customers, public authorities and companies. Transports on behalf of private individuals are completely excluded.

      Reliable gearbox shipping with Cargoboard

      If you want to ship a gearbox, in most cases you will use a freight forwarder. Especially for larger gearboxes, a forwarder is preferable.

      Despite the heavy weight and large size, you can accurately predict the costs for the shipment. In addition, the time slots for both pickup and delivery are easy to calculate. We at Cargoboard will help you to ensure that your delivery arrives cheaply and safely.

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      How does the shipping of gear boxes with Cargoboard work?

      In order to ship a gearbox with Cargoboard smoothly, you need to consider a few points. In the following sections you will get all the detailed information.

      Transportablauf Warenversand Cargoboard
      Auftragsbuchung des Warenversands über die Plattform my cargoboard

      The booking through our platform

      In order for you to ship your gearbox through our platform, you need to deposit your shipment details and then select the most suitable shipping method for you.

      It is important to provide the exact shipment details such as pickup and destination. Also pay attention to the dimensions of the gearbox and weight including packaging. If your shipment is heavier than 30 kg, it will be transported on a pallet.

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      The choice of means of transport for the transport of gearboxes

      After you have booked the shipment and received the necessary documents, it is time for packaging.

      Before preparing the gearbox for shipment, you must drain all fluids from the gearbox. This includes the transmission oil for example. Afterwards, it is recommended to close all openings of the gearbox before you ship it.

      From a weight of 30 kg, shipments at Cargoboard are always sent on a pallet. See our packaging tips on this page for specific instructions on how to package.

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      Die Verpackung der Ware für den Transport
      Die Abholung der Ware für den Transport

      The collection of the gearbox

      For the shipment of the gearbox, our freight forwarders usually collect the goods from the curb.

      It is mandatory for collection that consignments from a weight of 30 kg are either accessible from underneath or placed on a pallet for transport.

      The delivery of the gearbox

      Like the pickup, the delivery of the gearbox is free curbside. For this purpose, our forwarders unload the shipment at the delivery address and obtain the signature for acceptance.

      Die Lieferung der versendeten Ware

      Transit times for gearbox shipping with Cargoboard

      You will find our transit times for shipping gearboxes within Germany in the table below.


      You can easily view transit times for European transports on our booking platform after entering your collection and delivery locations.


      Please note that transit times may vary due to seasonal variations and regional restrictions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our service team.

        Standard delivery Premium delivery

      Groupage Freight

      1-2 business days 1 business day

      Less Than Truck Loads

      1 business day (collection within 3 business days)

      1 business day (collection on the selected business day)

      Full Truck Loads

      1 business day (collection within 3 business days)

      1 business day (collection on the selected business day)


      Premium delivery

      With the Premium delivery, the fastest possible delivery date is selected by default. Alternatively, a later delivery date can be selected during offer configuration.


      Premium delivery for Europe-wide shipments
      If you want a fixed delivery date for a Europe-wide shipment, it is the last day of the specified regular transit time for the premium delivery option.


      Premium delivery for groupage freight
      If you request a fixed delivery date, we will store your shipments for up to 3 business days free of charge. These are counted from the last business day of the earliest possible term. For each additional business day, we will charge 5€ per pallet storage space and business day.


      Shipping method Direct Loads

      The Direct Load is our fastest transport product, as the booked vehicle makes its way to the delivery location with your gearbox immediately and without transshipment.


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      How much does it cost to ship a gearbox?

      It is standard in the market that prices are highly dependent on the pickup and destination locations. If the gearbox is shipped via Cargoboard, the following factors also play a role:

      • Shipping method/form (pallet, bulky goods, package)
      • Weight
      • Volume

      Thanks to our price calculator, you will know exactly what costs you will incur when you ship your gearbox with us. You can accurately calculate your transport price in real time

      Packaging tips for gearbox shipping

      If you ship your gearbox on a pallet, you must package it correctly so that your shipment is not damaged during transport.

      1. Drain all fluids, which are in the gearbox in advance.
      2. Clean the gearbox as thoroughly as possible. This will ensure that no damage is caused by contamination.
      3. Be sure to center the gearbox on the pallet. Lay out bubble wrap as a base.
      4. Use an edge protector, to protect sensitive areas of the gear unit. Wrap the goods with bubble wrap. An additional holder may be necessary for safe transport.
      5. If you use suitable cardboard box, fill any resulting voids with filler.
      6. Additionally, fix the gearbox with tension belts.
      7. If necessary: Label the gear unit with handling instructions for careful handling before shipping.

      What do I need to consider when shipping a gearbox?

      At this point we would like to give you some points to consider:

      1. Shipping to a third country: If your gearbox is shipped to a third country, such as Switzerland or the UK, then you will need additional documents. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customs clearance department. They will assist you in having all the necessary paperwork.
      2. Shipping insurance: Since a gearbox is usually a high-value good, we recommend that you take out shipping insurance. We offer our customers shipping insurance in case your package is damaged or lost during transport. The insurance can be easily added when booking the transport.

      If you ship gearboxes with Cargoboard, the liability according to the German Freight Forwarders' Standard Terms and Conditions (ADSP) applies in case of loss.


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      Why should you use Cargoboard to ship your gearboxes?

      Cargoboard offers you a fast, reliable and excellent service. We are your direct contact for transport processing and invoicing.

      Our individual transport solutions for you at a glance:

      Do not hesitate and ship your gearboxes with your forwarding partner Cargoboard!

      Custom conditions for gearbox shipping

      Cargoboard offers individual conditions for as little as 10 regular shipments per month. Simply contact our sales team and we will find an individual solution for you.

      Frequently asked questions about engine shipping

      How do I ship a gearbox?

      When shipping a gearbox, there are some particularities to consider. Make sure that you pack the gearbox properly and remove all liquids before transport.

      Can I ship a gearbox on a pallet?

      Yes, you can! We even recommend you to choose a pallet for transport. Whether you use a Euro or one-way pallet is up to you. However, make sure that the pallet is stable enough for the weight of the gearbox.

      How must the gearbox be packaged for shipment?

      For shipping, the gearbox must first be cleaned of all fluids. Then close all openings in the gearbox or any open cooling hoses.

      I cannot find what I am looking for. Who can I contact?

      If you have any unanswered questions, you can reach us via Live Chat (bottom right), Mail, WhatsApp or by phone.

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