Rims shipping with on-site pickup!

      Wir bieten unsere Dienstleistung ausschließlich für Gewerbekund:innen, Behörden und Unternehmen an. Ein Transport im Auftrag von Privatpersonen ist komplett ausgeschlossen.

      Shipping rims: Packing tips, insurance and costs

      You want to ship rims and do not know exactly how to proceed? At Cargoboard you will find all important information and tips for your safe rim shipping.

      Do you prefer the shipping of an established and comprehensive transport network? Cargoboard guarantees you uncomplicated and efficient transports. As a digital freight forwarder, we offer you individual and optimized transport solutions - nationally and internationally.

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      How does shipping work with Cargoboard?

      With Cargoboard, rims can be shipped easily and, above all, quickly. This section provides detailed information on the specific procedure.

      Transportablauf Warenversand Cargoboard
      Auftragsbuchung des Warenversands über die Plattform my cargoboard

      The order booking through our platform

      In order to place your shipment on our platform you have to enter your shipment data in the first step and then select the mode of transport that suits you best.

      At this point, it is important that you make the right choice when selecting the packaging material and deposit your dimensions including the packaging. If your shipment is heavier than 30 kg, it must be transported on a pallet.

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      Pack the rims for shipment

      After you have booked your shipment and received the shipping documents, it's time to start packing.

      From a total weight of 30 kg, the goods must be shipped on a pallet. Our packaging tips at the bottom of this page will tell you exactly how to go about this.

      More about Packing Tips

      Die Verpackung der Ware für den Transport
      Die Abholung der Ware für den Transport

      The collection of the rims

      For the shipment of the rims, our forwarding agents usually take over the goods from the curb.

      For this takeover, it is imperative that shipments weighing 30 kg or more are either self-supporting or placed on a pallet for shipping.

      The delivery of the rims

      Like the pickup, the delivery of the rims is free curbside. For this purpose, our forwarding agents unload the shipment at the delivery address and obtain the signature for acceptance.

      Die Lieferung der versendeten Ware

      Delivery times for shipping rims

      In the table below you will find our delivery times for shipping your rims within Germany.


      For European shipments, you can view our delivery times after entering the pickup and destination on our platform.


      Please note that delivery times may vary due to seasonal fluctuations and regional restrictions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our service team.


        Standard delivery option Express delivery option

      General cargo shipment

      1-2 workdays 1 working day

      less than truck load

      1 working day (collection within 3 working days)

      1 working day (collection on the selected working day)

      Full truckloads

      1 working day (collection within 3 working days)

      1 working day (collection on the selected working day)


      Delivery option desired date

      When shipping general cargo, in addition to the delivery options standard and express, you can also select the desired date. With this delivery option you have the possibility to send your general cargo shipment at a later desired date. What does that mean in concrete terms?

      • Collection on the next working day or on the desired day
      • Prioritized delivery on the desired date
      • Free storage of goods for a maximum of 4 working days (then 5€ per pallet space and per working day)
      • Minimum terms as for the Standard delivery option

      Type of transport direct

      If you choose direct shipping, you can look forward to our fastest transportation product. With this product, the booked vehicle travels to the destination on the direct route and without transshipment points.


      Learn more about direct trips

      How much does it cost to ship rims?

      The cost of shipping rims depends on various factors, such as the number of packages, exact packing dimensions and the selected mode of transport.


      In der Regel können Sie beim Versenden mit Kosten zwischen 30 und 80 Euro pro Felge innerhalb Deutschlands rechnen. For international shipments, shipping costs for rims are higher depending on the distance and mode of transport.


      Depending on the provider:in, additional surcharges may apply, such as express delivery or a special pickup order. To determine the shipping costs of your rims, use the shipping calculator of Cargoboard now.


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      How do I pack rims correctly?

      Proper packing of the rims determines safe transport. Here you will find the most important packaging tips:

      1. Remove all foreign parts- if any - before packing. These include tire pressure sensors or wheel nuts, for example.
      2. Clean the rims thoroughly to avoid damage or scratches caused by dirt or dust.
      3. Use a suitable cardboard box. This should consist of thick walls and be slightly larger than the rims. Ideally, use special rim boxes.
      4. Wrap the rims in bubble wrap (or similar cushioning material).
      5. Then fill the cavity in the box with filler material such as Styrofoam chips or paper.
      6. Clearly mark the packaging with "fragile" or "Caution Glass" for increased safety.

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      Which shipping is right for me - freight forwarding or parcel service?

      If you want to ship your rims, you have the choice between different provider:in. Some shippers:inside offer a parcel service where you can also send your rims as a package. However, for larger rims or higher quantities, freight forwarding is recommended. Cargoboard is always at your side as an experienced freight forwarder in the field of rim logistics.


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      Ship rims with a:r shipper:in


      1. As a rule, lower costs than the forwarding company


      1. Possible limitation of the size and weight of the consignment
      2. Less protection of rims during shipping, as the packages are reloaded several times
      3. Less experienced personnel to handle sensitive cargoes

      Ship rims with the forwarding company Cargoboard

      If you ship rims with Cargoboard, on the other hand, you benefit from many more advantages:

      • Specially equipped vehicles, experienced personnel and safety checks
      • Option of a desired date for general cargo shipment
      • Optional climate neutral shipping
      • Large capacities for the transport of several rims

      Is the transport of rims insured?

      The insurance of the rim shipment depends on the transport option. Many shipping companies offer appropriate insurance for this purpose. In the event of loss, Cargoboard is liable in accordance with the German Freight Forwarders' Standard Terms and Conditions (ADSP).


      Even though the risk of loss is very low, we recommend our transport insurance for higher priced products.

      Why Cargoboard as a freight forwarder to ship rims?

      Cargoboard offers you a fast, reliable and excellent service and is your direct contact for transport handling and invoicing.


      Your individual transport solutions at a glance:

      So rely on your competent forwarding partner Cargoboard when shipping rims!


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      Special conditions for the shipment of rims

      From as few as 5 regular shipments per month, frequent shippers benefit from individual conditions with Cargoboard.

      Frequently asked questions about rim shipping

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      If you have any unanswered questions, you can reach us via live chat (bottom right), by mail and by phone.

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