Ship bumpers commercially with Cargoboard!

      Ship bumper with Cargoboard

      Bumpers are a large and bulky transport item, which at the same time is also very sensitive due to the shape and painting.

      With Cargoboard, traders have a competent partner with whom they can ship bumpers or other car and body parts within Germany, within the territory of the European Union or to third countries such as Switzerland.

      In just a few clicks you can use our price calculator to calculate your individual transport price and include shipping. Book pickup.


      How does bumper shipping work with Cargoboard?

      If you want to ship your bumper with Cargoboard, you have to consider several things in advance, which we will explain in this section.

      Funktionsweise Warenversand mit Cargoboard
      Auftragsbuchung des Warenversands ueber die Plattform my cargoboard

      The order booking through our platform

      To place the order on our platform, the first step is to enter your shipment details such as the pickup and destination locations and the exact dimensions of the shipment. It is important that the specified dimensions must be entered including the packaging.

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      The choice of transport for bumper shipping

      When shipping a bumper, the size of it is often a problem. Because of this, we recommend removing electronic components such as PDC sensors, turn signals, headlights, etc. from the bumper.

      When choosing the means of transport, we recommend that you choose a suitable disposable pallet. This way you can make sure that the bumper does not protrude on the sides.

      After you have decided on a means of transport, it is important to pack the bumper safely for shipment. How to proceed specifically with the packing of the electronic components and the bumper, you will learn in the lower part of this page.

      To the packing tips

      Verpackung der Ware fuer den Transport
      Die Abholung der versendeten Ware

      The collection of the bumper

      Our forwarding agents usually take over your shipment from the curb for shipping. From a weight of 30 kg, the goods must either be placed on a pallet or be able to be moved under by itself. When shipping a bumper, we recommend that you choose a suitable disposable pallet, regardless of the weight.

      The delivery of the bumper

      Like the pickup, the delivery for bumper shipping is free curbside. For this purpose, the shipment is unloaded by our forwarding agents at the delivery address at the roadside.

      Die Lieferung der versendenten Ware

      Delivery times for bumper shipping with Cargoboard

      In the table below we have prepared the standard delivery times for bumper shipping within Germany.

      Transit times for European transports can be viewed after entering the pick-up and destination on our platform .

      Standard Express

      General cargo shipping

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      1-2 workdays 1 working day

      Partial and complete loads

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      1 working day (collection within 3 working days) 1 working day (collection on the selected working day)


      Delivery option desired date

      The delivery option of the desired date is available for the transport type of general cargo shipment. This delivery option allows you to send your general cargo shipment at a later date of your choice. What does that mean in concrete terms?

      • Collection on the next working day or on the desired day
      • Prioritized delivery on the desired date
      • Free storage of goods for a maximum of four working days (then 5€ per pallet space and per working day)
      • Minimum terms as for the Standard delivery option


      Type of transport express direct

      When booking an express direct trip, you can look forward to our fastest transport product. In this case, the booked vehicle will drive to the receiving point without delay and without transshipment points.

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      Prices at bumper shipping with Cargoboard

      When you ship a bumper with Cargoboard, the prices are highly dependent on the particular pick-up and destination, as well as the selected transport product and unit weight.

      You can view your individual transport price in real time on our platform after entering the shipment data.

      Packing tips for bumper shipping

      Once you have chosen a tramp carrier in the form of a pallet or carton, it is then necessary to pack it properly.

      1. Recommend disassembly of electronic components such as PDC sensors, turn signals, headlights, etc..
      2. Then pack the disassembled parts securely for transport with bubble wrap and cardboard.
      3. Protect the delicate edges of the bumper with a edge protector and then wrap the bumper with a bubble wrap.
      4. Position the packed bumper on the pallet or in the selected cardboard box. Ideally, for this placement use an additional holder.
      5. If you choose a pallet, fix the packed bumper on it using a tensioning strap .
      6. If you choose a cardboard box, seal it securely for transport using adhesive tape.


      For padding and further protection of the bumper we recommend the following packing materials:

      • Bracket on which the bumper can be securely positioned
      • Handling advice for careful handling of the goods

      Insure bumper for transport

      When shipping, it is important to know that there is no standard insurance. In case of damage or loss, without insurance there is only liability according to the German Freight Forwarders' Standard Terms and Conditions (ADSP).


      Therefore, we recommend you to cover yourself with transport insurance through Cargoboard for expensive products. You can easily and uncomplicatedly add these during the booking process.

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      Special conditions for bumper shipping

      From as few as 5 regular shipments per month, frequent shippers benefit from individual conditions with Cargoboard.