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      Express direct trips with Cargoboard

      You have urgent deadline goods and need an express direct drive? With our wide transport network of vehicles, we are your expert for the most urgent transports!

      Express direct transports at Cargoboard are characterized by a high level of transport safety and direct transport without transshipment of goods to the destination. This makes this transport product especially suitable for the urgent and more sensitive transports. As a commercial customer, you can compare the different vehicle types with each other via our platform and book directly online!


      Booked today, picked up tomorrow!

      • Order placement by 4 p.m. on the previous business day
      • Collection on the next working day or on the desired date
      • Fastest possible delivery by direct route without transshipment

      We send many packages every day to customers all over Europe and Switzerland. Cargoboard facilitates the process enormously. The processing is fast and uncomplicated. Professional help is provided for questions and problems. We are looking forward to further cooperation.

      Lara B. Brand & Communication Manager, Cantana Bio-Textil Druckservice

      Benefit from Cargoboard's advantages on express direct trips!

      Online booking without registration

      Book online, without registration and in just four steps!

      Single Point of Contract

      One central contract and contact person for your express direct trips!

      Optional transport insurance

      One central contract and contact person for your express direct trips!

      Various types of vehicles

      Whether tarpaulin Sprinter, 7.5 to, 12 to or 40 to truck – we have the right vehicle for you!

      Delivery times and pick-up times for express direct trips with Cargoboard!

      With an express direct shipment with Cargoboard, we transport your goods directly, without transshipments in warehouses or intermediate stops, to the destination of your choice. The exact delivery time is strongly dependent on the route to be driven and results during the booking process.

      If you book your order on our platform by 4pm on a business day, we will ensure pickup on the following business day. If you want a later pick-up date, this is also possible without any problems by making an adjustment in the booking process. At Cargoboard you can book your shipments up to one month in advance.

      Price overview for express direct trips with Cargoboard!

      In the table you will find an overview regarding our available vehicles. You can then determine your daily updated and individual transport price in real time and in just a few clicks via our platform.

      Vehicle type Loading & Unloading modes Dimensions Capacity Price

      Box van

      • Ramp loading
      • Side loading
      310 x 130 x 170 cm 1.100 Kg View prices now!

      Curtain-side van*

      • Ramp loading
      • Side loading
      • Crane loading
      • Loading with lifting platform and lift truck

      400 x 200 x 240 cm

      Space for up to 10 euro pallets

      1.000 kg View prices now!

      Truck 7,5t**

      • Ramp loading
      • Side loading
      • Crane loading
      • Loading with lifting platform and lift truck

      610 x 242 x 245 cm

      Space for up to 15 euro pallets

      2.100 Kg View prices now!

      Truck 12t***

      • Ramp loading
      • Side loading
      • Crane loading
      • Loading with lifting platform and lift truck

      710 x 242 x 245 cm

      Space for up to 18 euro pallets

      5.000 KG View prices now!

      Semitrailer 40t

      • Ramp loading
      • Side loading
      • Crane loading

      1360 x 245 x 270 cm

      Space for up to 33 euro pallets

      24.500 Kg View prices now!

      *Max. Lifting capacity 700 Kg **Max. Lifting capacity 1.000 Kg ***Max. Lifting capacity 1.000 Kg

      Book express direct trips with Cargoboard

      What do I have to pay attention to in the booking process?

      During the booking process, it is important that in the second step, after entering the pickup and destination, you determine the correct loading and unloading method, so that everything goes without problems during the pickup and delivery.

      In this step, make sure that access at the destination is guaranteed for the selected vehicle, as the shipments are delivered free curbside. There must also be a parking space for the selected vehicle at the loading and unloading point.

      What happens after booking the Express Direct?

      After you have booked your express direct ride through our platform, it’s time to prepare.

      As a booking customer, you will receive an order confirmation and a consignment note from us, which you will hand over to the driver collecting the goods.

      Before the goods are picked up from you, you must take care of transport-safe packaging so that the goods are optimally prepared for safe transport. You can find out how to pack them in our packaging tips.

      If you transport your goods on a pallet, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is not possible to exchange pallets for this type of transport.

      Frequently asked questions about Express Direct at Cargoboard

      What is the difference between general cargo shipping and express direct shipping?

      The key difference is that in an express direct shipment, the shipped goods are transported to the destination by the direct route and without transshipment. In a general cargo shipment, on the other hand, goods are collected in a region, bundled at a central location, transshipped and transported to the destination region. After arrival in the destination region, the goods are reloaded and transported to the final destination.

      Are special trips with same day pickup possible?

      Special trips with same day pickup are also available upon request. For this purpose, please send your request with the loading and unloading point, the exact dimensions of the packages and the indication of the weight to the mail address pricing@cargoboard.com .

      How quickly will the order be picked up for an express direct run?

      If you place your order on our platform by 4pm on a business day, we will ensure pickup on the following business day. During the booking process you have the possibility to choose a later pick-up date and one of three time windows.

      How do I find the right vehicle for my job?

      To choose the right vehicle, it is important to pay attention to the method of loading and unloading, as well as the permissible loading capacity. Helpful in answering this question is the table above with the additional notes below it.